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Dunkin Donuts adds mobile ordering through Google Assistant

No one likes waiting, so it's no surprise that mobile ordering has taken off in the past few years. Nearly every restaurant chain has a mobile app, but not everyone wants to waste storage space, so Dunkin Donuts has worked on another solution. If you have a DD Perks Rewards account, you can now place orders straight from Google Assistant.

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Starbucks Expands Mobile Order And Pay Functionality To Over 7,400 Stores Nationwide So Coffee Addicts All Over The US Can Avoid Waiting In Line

If you're ordering the same cup of coffee every morning at the same time every day, why are you waiting in line? Oh, right, until now Starbucks' Mobile Order and Pay was only available in select cities. Well, dear caffeine-driven productive member of society, the feature has now made its way from the Pacific Northwest to over 7,400 stores spread across the country.

Starbucks first began testing the ability to order remotely and pay in advance in Portland in December 2014. By this past summer, the company had expanded the feature to 3,400 additional stores across 17 states. Now it has completed its national rollout.

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New Taco Bell Mobile Ordering App For Android Lets You Get Your Chalupa Without Waiting In Line

Fast food, by definition, should be fast. But on a busy day, the wait to order can completely ruin this, making hungry folks wait just as long to get their food at Taco Bell as they would at a sit-down joint. Fortunately the company is doing something to address the situation. Android users can now download the Taco Bell app and place orders from anywhere, allowing them to skip the line when they step into the restaurant.

Taco1 Taco2 Taco3

Customers first select their local establishment, customize their order, and finalize the payment. Then they can take their phone to Taco Bell, skip the line, and show the person behind the counter their phone.

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Chipotle's Mobile Ordering App For Android Is Now Available In All Locations, Lets You Pick Up Your Food Without Waiting In Line

There's an intense burrito-folding, salsa-serving war being waged out there between Chipotle, Moe's, Qdoba, and other purveyors of delicious tacos. Passions burn hotter than fresh chilies, and I'm not bold enough to throw my weight behind any of the involved establishments. But I will stick my neck out just enough to share that Chipotle's Mobile Ordering app is now open to all locations, and it's awesome.

Chipotle1 Chipotle5 Chipotle2

No, Chipotle doesn't deliver, but the company's app still saves you the effort of standing in line, shouting your order over the sound of hungry children, and asking the server what that goopy red stuff is next to other, slightly darker, goopy red stuff.

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