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Apple iCloud is now easier to access on Android

Apple’s software solutions mostly stay within the confines of its tightly controlled mobile and desktop platforms, barring the odd exception. But the more open nature the tech titan has lately been going after with a subscription-driven model for some services requires apps to work across operating systems. Taking baby steps in that direction, Apple has now optimized its iCloud website for mobile screens, bringing a few of its popular services to Android.

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[Update: APK available] Mozilla's upcoming browser Fenix packs a new UI and fundamental changes to tab management

Firefox has a hard stand on Android. With a market share of way less than 1 percent, it’s clear that Mozilla needs to do something to breathe new life into its mobile product. However, if you’ve followed Firefox development on Android for the last couple of months, you may have noticed that it’s basically come to a halt. Enter Fenix.

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New Ghostery Browser arrives with improved speed, ad blocking, and other privacy features [APK Download]

Some of you might know Ghostery as a handy Chrome extension/Firefox add-on that blocks trackers on websites. What I forgot, though, was that there was also a mobile browser for Android and iOS and it's been around for quite some time. It just got an overhaul yesterday, complete with some enhanced privacy features if you're worried about being tracked online (and I don't blame you).

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Opera Touch is a brand new mobile browser built around convenience

Opera, a solid browsing option for those who don't want to use Chrome or Firefox, just announced the all-new Touch browser. Built from the ground up, Touch focuses on providing the best mobile browsing experience by giving users ease-of-use features, protection, and speed. It launches today, along with a new rework of the desktop companion browser.

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Javelin Browser Updated With Speed Dial Bookmarks And Javelin Sync Desktop Extension

Google's Chrome browser is our go-to web tool on Android, but there are plenty of reasons not to like it, like the way the latest version hides the refresh button in a drop-down menu. For those users who aren't happy with the status quo, one of the more refreshing alternatives is Javelin, and independent browser made with a unique interface and Material Design visual elements. The latest update (4.1.3) includes some more advanced bookmarks and syncing features.

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The biggest change is the new Javelin Sync, which relies on this Chrome extension to sync bookmarks from your desktop browser into Javelin.

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