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Google joins forces with Unity, extending ad reach to many more mobile games

More than half of all new mobile games are built on Unity's development engine, with 3 billion devices reached across both Android and iOS. That's an enormous potential audience just waiting to be served with high-quality advertising, something Google seems to have cottoned on to. Companies using Google's AdMob platform are getting access to Unity's vast catalog of mobile games after the two announced a new strategic partnership.

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You Need More Credits—Buy Them From Cheetah Mobile's New Bloatware Class At Carnegie Mellon University

Cheetah Mobile, perhaps the least respected large-scale developer of mobile apps, is partnering with the truly world-class computer science and engineering programs at Carnegie Mellon University to show them how the pros shove ads into everything. Yep, this is not a drill, Cheetah Mobile is in fact teaching a course in mobile advertising at CMU's Silicon Valley campus to students paying over $40,000 per year in tuition to get graduate degrees in software development and related fields.

In the press announcement, Cheetah Mobile describes itself as "the leading developer of mission-critical mobile utility and security applications," which stretches the definition of more of those words than it would be worth listing.

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[APK Download] Google Play Services Updated To v4.4 With New Street View API, Running Detection, And More

Google has begun rolling out an update to the Play Services package we all know and love. Details about version 4.4 have already been posted to the Android Developers blog, and it features updates and new features to the APIs for Maps, Mobile Ads, Activity Recognition, plus a few minor fixes for Games Services and Wallet. Aside from general bug fixes, it looks like this update is mostly about giving new tools to developers.



The biggest improvement appears to be a new API for Google Maps that allows developers to expose Street View imagery in their own apps. Developers have always had the ability to incorporate satellite and street maps, but this will be the first time that street-level photos will be directly accessible outside of the Maps application.

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