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[No Mo Updates] Mo Versi to leave HTC after 8 years of telling us when to check for updates

After eight years at HTC, Mo Versi has announced that he is leaving the company. Versi spent his entire time at HTC in the Product Management division, and he became a VP of Product Management back in May 2014. Versi hasn't disclosed what new venture he's leaving to pursue.

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Android 8.0 Oreo for unlocked HTC U11 is here [Update]

Owners of the unlocked HTC U11 can expect a treat to help them get through their post-holiday weekend Monday blues. According to a tweet from Mo Versi, HTC's VP of Product Management for the Americas region, the unlocked version of the U11 will receive the Android 8.0 Oreo update tomorrow (Monday, November 27th). This comes about a week and a half after HTC began rolling out the Oreo update for U11 owners in Taiwan.

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HTC Says That Marshmallow Updates For The AT&T Versions Of The One M8 And One M9 Will Start On May 12th (Tomorrow)

We've mentioned it before, but Mo Versi of HTC's American division is a good dude. Any given day you can find him on Twitter, answering questions from HTC customers and giving out juicy info on the next major software releases from the company. If every Android manufacturer had someone like Mo, the world would be a better place... and maybe our comment section wouldn't seem so bitter and despondent. Anyway, his latest tidbit is that the AT&T variants of the HTC One M8 and One M9 will be updated to Marshmallow starting tomorrow.

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HTC Representative Says One M9 Owners On Rogers, Wind Mobile, SaskTel, And Videotron Will Get Marshmallow On January 18th

Regular followers of HTC's customer relations will recognize Mo Versi, the company's vice president of product management. He often gives out helpful information on his personal Twitter account, explaining when notable updates are coming for HTC phones and even giving support answers one at a time to his followers. He's considered, in the somewhat insular circles of Android-focused tech blogging, a good dude. And yesterday he gave out some good news: the HTC One M9 Marshmallow update is scheduled to hit a handful of Canadian carriers on Monday.

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AT&T HTC One A9 Starts Getting OTA With December Security Updates And Camera Improvements

Beside the new Android 6.0.1 version, we saw the release of the December security updates earlier this week. Many manufacturers committed to roll these updates monthly to their devices and HTC seems to be keen on jumping to the front of the line with its near-stock One A9.

Owners of the device on AT&T should have started seeing an OTA update yesterday with the security fixes as well as camera improvements, says HTC's VP of Product Management Mo Versi.

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HTC Has Already Confirmed That The One M8 Will Get Updated To Android M


T-Mobile Starts Rolling Out The HTC One M9 Camera Improvement OTA Update, AT&T Version Coming Soon

You can also get the full RUU for this OTA from HTC right here.

Sprint got it last week, now T-Mobile is the next in line. The flagship HTC One M9 leaves a lot to be desired in the camera department, at least on the stock version of the phone's software. HTC has issued a small update that should dramatically improve camera quality, though it has to be said that the comparison shots we've seen thus far are still noticeably behind other recent high-end Android phones.

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