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12 At Bat Gets Some Fancy New Material Design Duds For The 2015 Season, Plus Spanish Language Support

Football is a distant memory of a blown call. Basketball is stuck in the middle part of the season with playoffs months away. And hockey is... I actually don't know what hockey is doing, because I don't care. What was I talking about? Oh, right, Major League Baseball starts next month! While the players train, the organization is dusting off its various digital properties. At Bat, the streaming app for the league's paid online service, has been updated with some new bells and whistles.

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2 At Bat Update Offers Update Live Coverage Of Spring Training Through The World Series, For A Price

Opening day is six weeks away, baseball fans, but there's plenty of pre-season action to whet your appetite. hopes that you're desperate enough to pay for the privilege: while you can download the latest version of the At Bat app (not to be confused with last season's At Bat 2012), you'll have to be an subscriber or pay a $19.99 in-app purchase to access a year of premium features.

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