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ML Manager can now upload APKs straight to APKMirror [APK Download]

You may recall us covering ML Manager, an incredibly easy to use APK extractor tool, earlier this month. APK extractor tools can be very useful, from simply backing up applications (perhaps ones removed from the Play Store) to uploading them to APKMirror. But for the latter, opening the site in a web browser and navigating to the upload page was still required.

Thankfully, the developer behind ML Manager has updated the app to support directly uploading to APKMirror. For you awesome people out there who frequently upload the latest versions of apps to the site, this should be a welcome addition.

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ML Manager makes extracting APKs from your device easy

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to extract APKs from your device. Maybe you want to back up an app or game that was taken off the Play Store, or you want to upload the latest Google app updates to APKMirror. There are about as many APK saving/extracting tools on the Play Store as malware-ridden flashlight apps, but ML Manager is probably the easiest one to use.

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