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Mizuu Developer Leaves Project, Will Remove App From Play Store But Source Code Will Remain Available

Mizuu is a popular app for managing local media files, particularly movies and television shows. While it isn't a player, it still has attracted many fans for its ability to index and retrieve useful metadata by checking videos against a third-party database and presenting the library in a visually attractive way. In spite of that popularity, its lone developer has announced via a blog post that he will be removing Mizuu from the Play Store and ceasing support and updates for the app.

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Mizuu Returns To The Play Store After Being Pulled By Google For Something It Could Have Just Asked Nicely About

It seems like we can't go a day without hearing about how the Play Store review process is broken and annoying. Earlier this week the media management app Mizuu was removed (again) without warning. Google sent a cryptic email like it usually does, but now the developer has all the details. Turns out Google just wanted to make sure the app was properly licensed to display movie data.


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Media Management App Mizuu Gets A v3.0 Material Makeover And Becomes Free

Usually, when an app gets a significant update with a new UI and whatnot, it does not come with a permanent reduction in price. Mizuu is a special case, apparently. This media management app has gotten a bump up to v3.0 with a UI revamp and some indexing tweaks, but it's no longer a paid app--the developer has decided to make it completely free.

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Google Reinstates Media Management App Mizuu To Play Store, Will Remain Open Source

Sometimes the Google machine relents and the internet wins. The case of Mizuu's removal from the Play Store is an example of that. After just a few days of exile, the Google Play team got in touch with the developer to let him know the app was being restored. There is a condition, though.

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