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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Massive phone, massive battery

It wasn't too long ago that I took a look at the Xiaomi Mi 6, a diminutive, power-packed device that felt limited and restrained by its software. But now we are taking a firm step into tablet territory (or "phablet") with this monstrosity: the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Following up on last year's Mi Max, the second version is huge, but it comes with an equally large battery that makes the phone almost impossible to kill, especially when compared to some of the top-tier 2017 flagships.

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MIUI 8 Global stable ROM now available for supported devices

MIUI splits opinions among Android users - some say it's great, a welcome refinement of the platform, and some say it's a bit too close for comfort aesthetically to Apple's iOS. Whichever way you see it, you should know that MIUI 8 is now out, with the Global stable ROM available for download over on the MIUI forums for supported devices, which are listed below. The 8th version of the Chinese OS was announced back in May with the Mi Max, which David said was gigantic in his hands-on first impressions.

MIUI 8 seems like an evolution of the Android-based operating system, with new features such as 'scrolling screenshots' and an all-new gallery app.

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Xiaomi Announces MIUI 8 And The Gigantic Mi Max

With every phone it releases, it feels like Xiaomi gets a little more mainstream in the West. Today, it's announcing two new products: MIUI 8, a major new version of the company's Android-based OS; and the Mi Max, which has a crazy-big 6.44-inch screen.


For a while now, MIUI (pronounced Me UI, although I always want to pronounce it like an acronym) has been the premier Chinese Android-based OS. While I haven't had a chance to try it out recently as I have no phone that runs it, it looks like the OS is much more mature than previously, which is good.

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