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Imgur App Gets A Very Divisive Interface Revamp To Material Design

Despite how much we praise and love Material Design, it's not the be-all end-all of interfaces and it's definitely not unanimously loved. We've seen many users lament the waste of space, excess of white, and other aspects of the design language, but what's ultimately the most important factor in MD acceptance is how well the developers adapt it to their specific app. The Imgur team appears to have fallen on the wrong side of that equation and garnered the wrath of some of its users with the app's latest update.

The new Imgur version revamped the entire interface to Material Design and improved the overall performance of the app.

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[Hands-On] Android Remote Notifier For Your Win/Linux/Mac Desktop: For When Your Phone Isn't Notify-y Enough

Most nights that I'm at home, my son is sound asleep in the next room. To avoid waking him up, I put my phone into silent mode faithfully every night at 9pm and, subsequently, miss a whole lot of calls and text messages. That's bad for two reasons:

  1. I miss what could potentially be important information or, as in most cases, good times.
  2. It makes me look like a jerk who never answers his phone and ignores his friends.

So I thought to myself "I'm on my computer all the time, I should make an app that puts my notification on my computer screen so I never miss this stuff." Turns out, somebody already made that app and it is as awesome as I had hoped.

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