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Save 20% on Misfit smartwatches (Update: No extra $100 off)

Misfit makes some very sleek looking smartwatches, and while some of them have weak specs, their designs are all top-notch. One of the main complaints in our review of the Vapor X was the price, so we were already pleased to see Misfit running a $100 off sale for the holidays. Now a new coupon code will get you an additional 20% off every product on the site.

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[Deal Alert] Misfit Vapor is €139.99/£129.50 (30% off) with promo code in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France

We know how much of a tease many of our Deal Alert posts can be for our readers outside the US and Canada, so let's end the year on a more inclusive note, shall we? Misfit is giving folks in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France 30% off of its Vapor smartwatch and other products via a promo code. If you live elsewhere, there's a separate promo code to get the same discount on a more limited set of products.

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[Update: Not shipping until December] Misfit's unreleased Vapor Android Wear smartwatch appears on Amazon for only $151 ($48 off)

According to a new Amazon listing, it looks like Misfit's Vapor Android Wear smartwatch might actually exist soon. Even better, you can buy one now over at Amazon in both Black and Gold/Pink for just a bit over $151. It's "temporarily out of stock," but you can place an order.

The Vapor is supposed to cost $200 when it launches later this October, so we aren't sure if this is a mistake with the listing or an actual reduction in price.

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Following months of delays, Misfit Vapor smartwatch will be available October 31

It's been a long road for Misfit's Vapor smartwatch. After being announced at CES in January, it was revealed that it would run Android Wear 2.0 in March, which instantly made it one of the most attractive sub-$200 watches on the platform, then we discovered that the GPS would only be "connected GPS". Meanwhile the shipping date was pushed from late summer to October and that's where we're at now. Misfit just announced that the Vapor will be available on October 31st, honoring its own deadline by a hair.

In case you don't know the specs, the Vapor is a 44mm watch with a 1.39" AMOLED display plus ambient light sensor.

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Misfit's Vapor smartwatch has been delayed, new release set for October

You might remember how excited we got for this smartwatch earlier this year, just after it was announced. Since then our enthusiasm fell just as our suspicions rose. But on paper, the Vapor still sounds like the best smartwatch deal out there. Unfortunately for anyone interested in picking one up, you'll have to wait a bit longer, as the release has been pushed back from the "end of summer" to October.

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[VaporWear] Misfit is now saying the Vapor Android Wear watch doesn't have standalone GPS

When things do look too good to be true, they might actually turn out to be just that. The Misfit Vapor was announced in January with what seemed to be a proprietary OS, but when it was later revealed that the smartwatch/activity tracker would run Android Wear 2.0, we were very excited. It suddenly became one of the best value-for-money Wear watches (well, if you don't care about NFC for payments) thanks to its activity tracker roots, big screen with ambient light sensor and no flat tire, interesting touch bezel for controls, 50m water resistance, $199.99 price tag, and integrated GPS to boot...

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Comparison: All of the Android Wear devices announced or released in 2017 so far

Android Wear started off, as many Google products do, as something closer to a proof-of-concept than a finished product. The first watches had problems, the software was unfinished, and tech companies were the only ones producing them. Now that Android Wear is becoming a more mature platform, mostly thanks to the long-awaited 2.0 update, we're starting to see more watches than ever hit the market.

It was fairly easy to compare Android Wear watches in years past - only a handful of tech companies even bothered. But now, a vast amount of wearables are being released, with most of them by actual watch companies.

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Misfit Vapor will run Android Wear 2.0, is one of the platform's best smartwatches yet at $199 [Updated]

The Misfit Vapor was announced in January at CES 2017 as the wearable company's first touchscreen smartwatch. But the specs left many of us scratching our heads: Snapdragon Wear 2100, 4GB of memory, heart rate sensor, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, microphone, 2-day battery life... those looked an awful lot like other Android Wear watches. But Misfit was mum. It didn't demo the watch a lot and the few hands-on we saw depicted an OS that didn't look like Wear.

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Vapor is Misfit's first touchscreen smartwatch and activity tracker, with only 2 days of battery life

Over the past few years that we've covered Misfit, the company has always been synonymous with simple activity trackers that look nice, have excellent water resistance, are versatile enough to be worn in different ways, work automatically and keep user involvement to a minimum, and are blessed with stellar battery life. Having reviewed both the Shine 2 and Flash, the 6 months battery life on a single CR2032 cell was more than impressive to me.

But that's about to change with the newest entrant to the Misfit line. The Vapor is the company's first colored touchscreen smartwatch/activity tracker. It follows in the steps of the Phase, the analog watch with fitness smarts, but it changes the Misfit formula a lot more.

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