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Misfit Announces Shine 2: The Same Simple Activity Tracker, Thinner, And With A New Vibration Motor And Colored LED Lights

Ever since I tried the Misfit Flash a few months ago, I keep recommending it and its more expensive brother, Shine, to people around me as the best "good enough" activity tracker and platform. The long battery life, the seamless sleep and activity logging, the simple app, and the waterproofing up to 50m, all make it a great solution for those who want to start tracking their health but don't want something that is too involved, too complicated, or too demanding.

Now the company is ready to introduce Shine 2, its second generation tracker which solves a few of the issues of the first one.

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The Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Now Syncs With The Pebble Smartwatch Through Android

Are you cool enough to strap two wearables to your arms at once? The makers of the Misfit Shine fitness tracker think that you are. The company's new app for the Pebble family of smartwatches allows both devices to stay in sync, but it needs a smartphone in the middle (Android or iPhone) and apps for both the Misfit and the Pebble on the phone, too.

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[Deal Alert] Misfit Shine Activity Tracker Available On Touch Of Modern For Just $70 (A $50 Savings)

The Misfit Shine is an activity tracker for people who are tired of bracelets. Sure, this nifty guy comes with a sports band, but it's easy to pop out and hang from a necklace strap, belt clip, or whatever your tracker-holding-method-of-choice happens to be. Now you can get one on Touch of Modern for just $70.

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[New App] Misfit Shine App Enters The Play Store, Can Sync Up The Activity Tracker With Select Android Devices

The Misfit Shine is a very versatile activity tracker, as wearers can use it strapped to their wrists, hanging from around their necks, or attached to their belts. Unfortunately, they haven't yet been able to use it with an Android device. Now that changes. Misfit Wearables has launched a companion app into the Play Store.

Shine1 Shine2 Shine3

The company had promised to release the app in early 2014, but they decided to roll this release out just a bit early. The software doesn't yet have feature parity with the iOS version, but users can still sync with their Shine, set personal goals, and view visual summaries of their progress.

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