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This new mirrorless camera runs Android and supports Canon lenses

Do you remember the Samsung Galaxy Camera? It was essentially a Galaxy S3 with a larger 21x optical zoom lens. While many saw it as a pointless product, especially since it didn't compete with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, Samsung was definitely on to something. The recently-announced 'YN450' from Chinese tech firm Yongnuo could be considered a spiritual successor — it's a full-featured mirrorless camera with Android.

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New Alleged Photos Surface Of Polaroid's Mirrorless Android Camera With Interchangeable Lenses

Sure, Samsung is stealing the spotlight recently with its Galaxy Camera, but did you know that other companies are working on Android cameras? Companies that have been making picture-taking devices for longer than most of us have been alive, even! Take Polaroid's IM1836, for example. This thing has leaked before in a couple different variations, and today were getting a glimpse at a unit that might be a little closer to final production.


From what we can tell, it will come with a 3.5" touch screen (which is significantly smaller than the Galaxy Camera's 4.8" display), WiFi, a microSD card slot, a mirrorless sensor and interchangeable lenses.

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