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Minecraft's next adventure arrives with Story Mode - Season Two

When Minecraft exploded on the scene I was one of the countless people who assumed it would just be a fad. We were all wrong, and the game has sold more copies than any other game except Tetris. It's so popular that Microsoft put up $2.5 billion to acquire the game's developer Mojang. Part of the game's strength has been catering to kids and adults alike, and it does that through several different games on various platforms. Minecraft: Story Mode arrived on Android a couple of years ago and has been immensely popular. Fans of that game will be thrilled to hear that the sequel has just been launched.

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The first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is now free


[Deal Alert] TellTale's Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Is Down To $0.49 On The Play Store In Several Countries

TellTale Games has made a name for itself lately with episodic story-based point-and-click adventure games, and Minecraft: Story Mode is no exception. Released in October 2015, the game uses Minecraft's signature voxel graphics along with interesting storylines, character choices, and a star-studded voice acting cast to create an engrossing adventure game that you feel compelled to finish.

The first episode of the game usually costs $4.99, the same as all other episodes which come as in-app purchases. But with the 5 episodes now fully released and episodes 6, 7, and 8 planned as part of a larger "New Order of the Stone" expansion, the TellTale team is ready to let more people in for a lower price of admission.

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Minecraft: Story Mode From TellTale Games Launches On Google Play And The Amazon Appstore

TellTale Games has already done great things with the Borderlands and Game of Thrones franchises. Now eyes are on what the company intends to do next. Announced at the end of 2014, Minecraft: Story Mode has been a long time coming. Now it's available for Android devices, right on schedule.

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TellTale's Minecraft: Story Mode Adventure Game Lands On The Play Store On October 15th

The idea of making a story-based point-and-click adventure based on Minecraft, which is more or less the definition of open-ended, unscripted gameplay, might seem odd. And it is. But if anyone can pull it off it's TellTale, the studio known for making awesome adventure games based on other people's intellectual property. You can see for yourself in just under a month: Minecraft: Story Mode will hit the Play Store with its first episode on October 15th, just two days after it's available on the PC and consoles. Nice.

Minecraft: Story Mode uses the block-building game's unique voxel graphics and build-it-all setting to tell a science fiction story.

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TellTale Games Shows Off Minecraft: Story Mode With The First Official Trailer

You might think that a game like Minecraft, where there's no story and you essentially build an entire world out of complicated digital LEGOs, doesn't lend itself well to the adventure game format. You might be right. But if anyone can make a licensed story out of Mojang's phenomenal open-world title, it's TellTale Games, who have successfully adapted such diverse properties as The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and Back To The Future into episodic adventure games with near-universal appeal.

TellTale showed off the first footage of Minecraft: Story Mode at Minecon 2015. That's a Minecraft convention, if you're wondering.

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'Minecraft Story Mode' By Mojang And Telltale Games Coming To Android In 2015

Minecraft is what you make it. Mojang has excelled at creating an open world game that captures the hearts of children and grown-ups everywhere, but it has done so without a memorable plot lingering in people's minds. What if it weren't just the game's unique visuals that stuck with people? What if there were something more? Enter Minecraft Story Mode, a collaboration between Mojang and developer Telltale Games that's set to arrive in 2015.


Telltale Games, praised for works including The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, knows how to create captivating story-driven point-and-click games. This new series will be based on the world of Minecraft, but it will stand alone as a separate title.

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