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Minecraft's massive 'Better Together Update' is out on mobile, Xbox One, and Windows 10

Minecraft could be considered this generation's Doom - it runs on everything. Beyond the original Java-based game, there are versions for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, New 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PS Vita, iOS, Android, Windows 10, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. This is made even more confusing by some editions having different features. Minecraft's 'Better Together Update' is the first step in addressing the feature fragmentation and implementing cross-play support.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition adds new Strangers skins, villager trading, and a bunch of tweaks and bug fixes in 1.0.4

Mojang's Sisyphean quest to port all the features of the desktop version of Minecraft to the Pocket Edition continues. The latest update, 1.0.4, brings in NPC villager trading stalls and a new set of skins for the Biome Settlers. A bunch of other fixes and tweaks have been added in to smooth out gameplay and generally tidy up. The 1.0.4 update is now live on the Play Store, though it might take a day or two to roll out to your specific phone or tablet.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 will add an endgame and a dragon, among other goodies

Though the open-world crafting phenomenon doesn't really have an end, any more than a big box of assorted LEGOs has some final way to assemble it, Minecraft does have an endgame. The original PC release was expanded with a "final" level and boss in 2012, but the Microsoft-branded Windows 10 version and the Pocket Edition on Android haven't had access to it so far. According to Mojang's developer blog, The End is nigh, and it has a gameplay trailer.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition gets a big update for E3, including Xbox cross-platform play, Realms servers, and more

Microsoft is the owner of Mojang, developer of the ultra-popular Minecraft sandbox building game. And at the E3 video game conference, they want everyone to know it. In between the usual slew of console exclusives and hype about the future, the company dedicated a little time to Minecraft exclusively. At least some of the new additions for Minecraft were released immediately for the Android version, most notably access to Realms servers and cross-platform play with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Mojang Releases Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.15 Beta, Names It The Friendly Update

Mojang has announced a new beta version, named The Friendly Update, of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Version 0.15 adds pistons, pig riding, fire charges, husk zombies, and Xbox Live achievements on Android, among a range of other additions, tweaks, and bug fixes.


  • Mysterious, as-yet-unspecified friendliness
  • Pistons and sticky pistons!
  • Observer blocks: new blocks that can detect changes in neighboring blocks
  • Xbox Live Achievements on iOS and Android
  • Online multiplayer with Xbox Live friends!
  • Leads, horses and dyeable horse armor!
  • Fire charges
  • Pig riding!
  • A whole new UI for the main menu, shared with the Windows 10 Edition
  • You can now tip arrows using a cauldron and potions!
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Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Now Available For Samsung S6, S7, And Note 5 Series Phones

Minecraft isn't the first game you think about when you hear the word "immersion." No, it's the first one you think of when you hear "surprisingly popular," or "construction-based," or "Notch made more money than Solomon's divorce lawyer." But even so, it's been tied to the new virtual reality trend more than once, most notably thanks to new owner Microsoft's HoloLens platform. That said, a little platform competition isn't going to keep them from making ungodly amounts of money, so check out Minecraft for Samsung's Gear VR headsets.

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Minecraft Realms, Mojang's Always-On Server, Comes To Android As An Opt-In Alpha

Minecraft is great, but it's even better when playing with others, and better still when played with people you know. To that end Mojang introduced us to Realms in 2013, an always-on server that enables play with friends or family. Since then Realms has been available for Windows and OS X, but Mojang today announced it's bringing it to Android in the form of an opt-in alpha (although support was actually added for Realms back in 2013).

Realms is a paid service costing $7.99, although for the moment it will be free on Android's Pocket Edition while testing is underway. Mojang says that to use Realms an Xbox Live login will be required, which makes cross-platform play possible between Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Enters The Play Store Dressed As A Witch With Cauldron-Powered Redstone Comparators And Other New Components

Minecraft comes in many forms, but the Pocket Edition is the only one that fits inside your Android phone. The experience isn't all that dissimilar from what you see on desktops, but it does lag behind on some features. Fortunately for players, more have made the transition. Version 0.14.0 has gone stable, bringing additional Redstone components such as comparators, repeaters, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, and more.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta 0.14.0 Hits Android With Cauldrons, Repeaters, Comparators, Hoppers, Droppers, And More

The latest beta update for Minecraft Pocket Edition has hit the Play Store. Right now the download is available just for Android users, but the Windows release is on its way. No matter, Android user means you, so dive in.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.13.0 Is Out With Redstone, Bunnies, And More Stackable Things

Minecraft v0.13.0 for Android entered beta earlier this month. Gamers downloaded the game. They tested it. They played with the new Redstone components. They dealt with bunnies. They opened and closed new types of wooden doors. Everything checked out, so now the latest version has gone stable. Non-beta testers are free to download the update straight from Google Play.

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