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Samsung's Milk VR drops the weird branding and becomes simply Samsung VR, opens up to individual user uploads

For about a year there Samsung decided that everything it produced with even a whiff of media presence needed to be branded "Milk," starting with music, jumping to video, then killing video, then trying video again in VR to augment the Gear VR headset. If the name "Milk VR" doesn't mean much to you, then you're not alone - apparently someone at Samsung thinks the branding is pretty nonsensical too. They've just changed Milk VR to Samsung VR from here on out, both on the web and the Play Store.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Samsung Gear VR For $79.99 On eBay, 20% Off Its Retail Price

The Samsung Gear VR is more akin to Google's Cardboard than HTC's Vive or LG's 360VR. You rely on your phone for the screen, like Cardboard, but you have more possibilities for control thanks to the included physical buttons. Samsung has also been pushing its Milk VR store heavily, collaborating with different content providers and benefitting from its Oculus partnership to provide exclusive material to its Gear VR users. It has created an interesting gadget and platform, one that I have personally been eying for a while but haven't had the chance to test yet.

While many users have gotten a Gear VR for free with the pre-order of a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, even more Samsung smartphone owners don't have the virtual reality headset yet.

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Samsung Milk VR Isn't A Drinking Simulator, It's A Repository Of 360-Degree Videos For The Gear VR

So, um, Samsung. You guys are really digging this "Milk" branding, huh? A music service, music videos, and now a virtual reality video system, all named after bovine lactation. And you're sticking with it despite the fact that "Milk" isn't nearly as internationally marketable as, say, "Samsung Music," and in the face of a trademark suit, no less. Well OK then, more power to you I suppose. Go ahead and go forward with "Milk VR."


Despite sounding like one of those sarcastic indie Simulator games that become inexplicably popular on Steam, Milk VR is in fact an extension of the existing Milk Video service.

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