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Samsung Milk Music is officially shutting down September 22

Samsung introduced the world to its Milk Music service back in March of 2014, and the name "Milk Music" was just as odd back then as it is now. It started off as an exclusive app available only on select Samsung Galaxy devices, and we gave it a positive review for being simple and having no ads.

Samsung eventually expanded support to more of its own devices, and last March they created a desktop web app. But Milk Music's time started to run short when Samsung shut down Milk Video in November 2015.

Now Samsung has unceremoniously announced the end of Milk Music.

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Samsung's Milk VR drops the weird branding and becomes simply Samsung VR, opens up to individual user uploads

For about a year there Samsung decided that everything it produced with even a whiff of media presence needed to be branded "Milk," starting with music, jumping to video, then killing video, then trying video again in VR to augment the Gear VR headset. If the name "Milk VR" doesn't mean much to you, then you're not alone - apparently someone at Samsung thinks the branding is pretty nonsensical too. They've just changed Milk VR to Samsung VR from here on out, both on the web and the Play Store.

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Samsung Announces That Its Milk Video Service Is Shutting Down In November, Surprising No One

Remember Milk Video? No, it's not a special Internet repository of all those Got Milk ads, it's Samsung's device-exclusive video arm of the Milk Music service. And now it's not long for this world. Samsung chose the rather unceremonious venue of an updated Play Store app description to let users know that the company will be ending support for the app in November.

Thank you for using Samsung Milk Video. While we remain committed to providing premium entertainment services, we have decided to end support for the Samsung Milk Video app as of November 20, 2015.
To continue enjoying streaming entertainment, please use the Samsung Milk Music app available at:

That isn't especially surprising to anyone.

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Samsung Milk VR Isn't A Drinking Simulator, It's A Repository Of 360-Degree Videos For The Gear VR

So, um, Samsung. You guys are really digging this "Milk" branding, huh? A music service, music videos, and now a virtual reality video system, all named after bovine lactation. And you're sticking with it despite the fact that "Milk" isn't nearly as internationally marketable as, say, "Samsung Music," and in the face of a trademark suit, no less. Well OK then, more power to you I suppose. Go ahead and go forward with "Milk VR."


Despite sounding like one of those sarcastic indie Simulator games that become inexplicably popular on Steam, Milk VR is in fact an extension of the existing Milk Video service.

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Samsung Launches Milk Video, The Tastiest New Media-Streaming App In Your Galaxy (Device)

Samsung has milked music before, and now it is ready to milk video as well. The company has announced another creamy media-consuming app intended to pump more value into the hands of millions of Galaxy device owners, and it goes by the name of Milk Video.

This time around, Samsung customers are treated to a way of absorbing various videos from across the web without having to actively search for them. Milk Video monitors what each of its users view, like, follow, and dismiss to push up recommendations that it's sure will catch their interest. Samsung says exclusive content from the likes of Condé Nast, Funny Or Die, Red Bull, Vevo, and VICE is either already available or coming down the pipeline.

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