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Samsung Milk Music is officially shutting down September 22

Samsung introduced the world to its Milk Music service back in March of 2014, and the name "Milk Music" was just as odd back then as it is now. It started off as an exclusive app available only on select Samsung Galaxy devices, and we gave it a positive review for being simple and having no ads.

Samsung eventually expanded support to more of its own devices, and last March they created a desktop web app. But Milk Music's time started to run short when Samsung shut down Milk Video in November 2015.

Now Samsung has unceremoniously announced the end of Milk Music.

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Samsung Announces That Its Milk Video Service Is Shutting Down In November, Surprising No One

Remember Milk Video? No, it's not a special Internet repository of all those Got Milk ads, it's Samsung's device-exclusive video arm of the Milk Music service. And now it's not long for this world. Samsung chose the rather unceremonious venue of an updated Play Store app description to let users know that the company will be ending support for the app in November.

Thank you for using Samsung Milk Video. While we remain committed to providing premium entertainment services, we have decided to end support for the Samsung Milk Video app as of November 20, 2015.
To continue enjoying streaming entertainment, please use the Samsung Milk Music app available at:

That isn't especially surprising to anyone.

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Samsung Creates Web Player For Its Milk Music Service, Non-Samsung Users Welcome On Desktop Browsers

Samsung has been pushing its fancy new Milk brand hard lately, adding video and teasing virtual reality. But before today, listeners' biggest barrier to access was the fact that the app was only available on their Samsung-branded phones and tablets. That changes this morning with the launch of Milk Music for the web, accessible from desktop and Chrome OS browsers at Log in using your Samsung account and you'll have access to the same songs and stations that you do on mobile.


Unlike the mobile version, the website's free service is available to everyone - you'll need a Samsung account to log in, but it will let you through even if you make a new one with no associated devices.

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Samsung Expands Milk Music To The Galaxy Tab 4 And Note Tablets

You could reasonably make the assumption that when Samsung debuted its own media streaming service known intriguingly as Milk Music, it would have released it across its entire catalog of devices. But that's not the way Samsung has decided to pour this beverage. Instead, it's serving things out to a handful of devices at a time.

The latest Galaxy devices to get a slurp are tablets, particularly the Tab 4 and some unspecified Notes. Their turn in line comes seven months after Samsung dished Milk out to the Tab Pro, the Note Pro, and the Note 10.1 2014 Edition.


What makes Milk special?

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Get A Free Year Of Netflix And Milk Music Premium When You Buy A New Galaxy S5, Note 4, Tab S, Or Any Samsung 4K TV, Starting Today

In the market for a new high-end Samsung gadget? Then you're also eligible for some free streaming video and music. In the latest round of Samsung perks, the manufacturer is giving away a year of free access to both Netflix and the premium version of its own Milk Music service. You can get in on the new deal by purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tab S tablet (in any size or capacity, including carrier versions), or a Samsung 4K television.


The promotion is a valuable one: access to Netflix alone is $7.99 a month, and the premium upgrade for Milk Music is $3.99 a month, so a free year of both is a $144 value.

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Milk Studios Media Agency Sues Samsung Over Milk Music Trademark

Samsung seems to have a big target on its back that is particularly attractive to lawyers. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, a media company focusing on photography and management is suing Samsung over its use of the "Milk" trademark for its proprietary music service. The New York- and Los Angeles-based agency alleges that Samsung knowingly and willingly violated its trademark when designing the new service.

unnamed (1)

Milk Studios isn't particularly well-known for everyday consumers, but it's more notable than you might think. While Milk Studios started with photography services in the 90s, it has expanded into a range of niche business-to-business media sectors, including online services, equipment rental, brick-and-mortar galleries, talent management and representation, and full production of websites, commercials, and more pertinently, music and music videos.

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Samsung's Milk Music Update Adds $3.99 Premium Subscription Option

Samsung pitched Milk Music this spring as a totally free music service exclusive to its devices, but slipped in at the end that it might not be free forever. You can still stream tunes for free without ads (or so the description says), but the new update to Milk adds the expected $3.99 monthly subscription for additional features.

2014-07-30 22.25.58 2014-07-30 22.25.03 2014-07-30 22.25.19

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Samsung Expands Milk Music Compatibility To A Select Number Of Galaxy Tablets

Did the world need another music streaming service back when Samsung unveiled Milk Music in March? That's not the point. If you happen to own a Galaxy device (and with them selling by the truckload, there's a good chance that you do), then this exclusive service is well worth a look. Now the company is bringing Milk Music to the big screen by opening up the app to a handful of tablets.


MilkMusic2 MilkMusic3

The supported slates include the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, the Note Pro 12.2, and the Tab Pro. For a limited time, the service is free and doesn't contain any ads.

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Milk Music Hits v1.1, Brings Improved Sound Quality And Support For The S3 Mini

If Samsung's streaming music app has become your go-to source for all things audio, then that means two things: you're part of some exclusive club of Samsung owners that has been given access to the app because your phone is cool enough, and you actually care about Milk updates. Unfortunately, only a portion of this update concerns users who are already part of the aforementioned club:

What's New

  • Support for S3 Mini
  • Improvements in sound quality
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

For those of you already streaming with Milk (that sounds funny), you should hear an audible improvement in the quality of your tunes...hopefully, anyway.

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Hands-On With Samsung Milk: Music Made Refreshingly Simple... And Creamy [Video]

Samsung Milk is probably the most straightforward music streaming app I've ever used - and that's exactly the kind of response Samsung is looking to get from it.

Wacky name aside, Milk is an interesting, well-designed app that is set up to get you listening to music as fast as possible. No ads, the absolute minimum amount of loading time, and a music selection interface that you'll never struggle to locate. It's not easy to write a lot about Milk, because there's not a lot to say, and I'd argue that's probably a good thing.

There are two ways to listen to music in Milk.

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