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Kyocera's new Verizon-exclusive phone sports a rugged design and a sapphire screen

Rugged phones aren't generally very exciting. They're all big, boxy things, with plastic shells meant to absorb force from drops. Kyocera's new Verizon-exclusive rugged phone, though, is... well, it's a big, boxy thing with a plastic shell. But it also has a sapphire screen and an action camera.

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LG's 'stylishly resilient' X venture makes its way to AT&T on May 26th, features MIL-STD 810G and IP68 certifications

LG first launched its X-series line of phones halfway through last year, and it's been continuing to roll new models out. The latest in this saga is the AT&T-exclusive X venture, which, as you might be able to tell from its name, is a rather rugged device. AT&T calls it 'stylishly resilient,' but let's be honest - only half of that statement is true.

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