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Nintendo announces Miitomo service ending on May 9th

Nintendo has announced that services for Miitomo will end on May 9, 2018. The ability to buy coins inside the game has been disabled as a result of the announcement. Remaining coins can be used inside the game, or can be exchanged through the My Nintendo service for discounts on game downloads for 3DS or Wii U, among other items. According to Nintendo, users can receive daily login bonuses of coins and game tickets in order to continue playing Miitomo Drop and use other features in the game until the end of service.

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Nintendo's Next Two Mobile Games Will Be 'Free-To-Start'

In case you missed the news, Nintendo makes mobile apps now. We saw the company's first Android app, Miitomo, come stateside at the end of March. A month later, that game had attracted over 10 million users around the world. Miitomo is more of a social network than a playable experience, but it does contain mini-games. The app has made Nintendo more money than expected.

Two "pure-game apps" are coming next, based on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. And as the chief executive of DeNA (Nintendo's mobile development partner) told The Wall Street Journal, “Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are both free-to-start apps.”

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Miitomo Crosses 10 Million Users, Nintendo Announces 10 Day Promo And Two New Mobile Games

During its earning call last night, Nintendo announced that Miitomo has had 10 million users since its release in March, with 20 million 'Miifotos' created and 300 million conversations started. To celebrate reaching the 10 million mark, the company has announced a 10-day promotional period, lasting from April 29 till May 8. There's no word on what this will involve, but I wouldn't be surprised if users can win exclusive, limited-edition clothes for their Mii, or something of that ilk.

The Japanese game company also announced two new mobile games to build on the success of Miitomo. One game is based on the Fire Emblem series, while the other is based on Animal Crossing. Nintendo has not provided names for these games just yet, but says they are planned for release this fall. According to Nintendo's PR release, the Fire Emblem game will be 'more accessible' than the franchise's games for dedicated gaming consoles, while the Animal Crossing game will link in to games on Nintendo's game consoles, such as the Wii or the 3DS.

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[Update: Live] Nintendo's Miitomo App Set To Launch In The United States On March 31st

Nintendo is taking its sweet time in making its Miitomo app available to us US Americans. But the waiting, in so much as there has been waiting for a glorified Nintendo-only social network, is almost over. After a bit of exclusivity in Japan, the app is set to go live in the United States and "several other countries" on Thursday, March 31st. Want to know which other countries? So do we. Update: the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada.

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Nintendo Opens Registration For Its Miitomo Game-App-Thing Before A March Launch

Nintendo's first mobile game won't really be a game - Miitomo is an extension of the Mii system that the company has been building ever since the launch of the original Wii. In anticipation of launching the app next month, Nintendo has already opened up a Miitomo website that allows users to pre-register for the app. In addition to drumming up a little press (guilty), this gives users the opportunity to reserve their preferred username.

It's all part of the new "Nintendo Account" system, which unifies the somewhat haphazard collection of logins that Nintendo had before. You can create a new Nintendo account (even if you don't own any new Nintendo hardware) on its own or link it with Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Nintendo's First Mobile Game, Miitomo, Scheduled To Hit Smartphones In March Of 2016

Gamers have been alternately salivating and sweating at the prospect of Nintendo games coming to Android and iOS. News has been scarce since the initial announcement of a partnership between Nintendo and mobile publisher DeNA earlier this year, but Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima announced details of the first game yesterday at a press briefing in Japan. Wired reports that the first title will be Miitomo, an extension of the Mii gaming-social platform Nintendo has been building and expanding since the launch of the Wii console in 2006.

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