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Project Fi confirms a mid-range device from a partner will come later this year

Earlier today Project Fi made a tweet that revealed a future mid-range phone will be coming to the network later this year. The tweet came in response to a statement made about the Nexus 5X, which was one of the last affordable phones available to use on Project Fi. Right now the Pixel and Pixel XL are the only phones that work with Project Fi currently in stock, and given the age of the Nexus 6P and 5X, it could be that neither will return.

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The "REVVL T1" could be T-Mobile's upcoming mid-range phone

The words "carrier-exclusive phone" are generally met with disappointment or annoyance. But instead of locking down expensive devices, like Verizon's Motorola DROID devices, T-Mobile could be working on a series of mid-range phones. Android Authority recently obtained an image of what is believed to be the "REVVL T1," expected to be the most affordable device in T-Mobile's upcoming product line.

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LeEco Le Pro3 hands-on: Fantastic value with some big drawbacks

As a foothold into the American smartphone market, or perhaps a first step in what LeEco sees as a long, protracted climb to the top, the Le Pro3 is an impressive device. Both it and its less powerful variant the Le S3 (yes, we've passed the Pepe Le Pew jokes around the Android Police office plenty already) are exceptional values at their mid-range price points, and the fit and finish of both phones are approaching some of the bigger players. The device meets or beats its most direct competition, the OnePlus 3, at almost every corner. On paper, the Le Pro3 is great.

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