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A comprehensive list of Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0-compatible mobile devices [Update]

Back in September, Qualcomm announced that devices armed with their new generation of processors – flag-shipped by the Snapdragon 820 – would be capable of even faster and more efficient charging speeds with Quick Charge 3.0. After the announcement, Rita wrote a great summary of the advantages of QC 3.0 over QC 2.0 that you can read if you want specific details about the upgraded charging standard.

Fast forward seven months and the first QC 3.0 Android devices are finally starting to trickle out to consumers. Since we have one of our best team members writing reviews on QC 3.0 charging devices, we thought it would be nice to keep an updated list of QC 3.0 compatible devices for you, our readers.

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Silicon Power's C50 USB drive has USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB all in one device

We live in interesting times. As the USB Type-C standard slowly spreads, we're left with three different USB ports in operation. There's USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB, but no longer will you need different flash drives for all those devices. A company called Silicon Power has announced a flash drive that has all three connectors, and it doesn't look as awkward as you'd expect.

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[Deal Alert] 4-pack Type C to MicroUSB adapters $4.95 at Amazon w/Slickdeals code ($3 off MSRP)

Amazon has a pretty good deal today on a 4-pack of microUSB adapters. These particular units are originally $7.99, but through the magic of Slickdeals and the associated promo code (2YZPICHF) an extra $3.04 can be knocked off. And the difference between having $3 and needing $3 is $6, more than these cost on sale! See, you're making money.

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[Weekend Poll] Would You Rather Your Next Smartphone Have A microUSB Or A USB Type C Connector?

There's little doubt that the transition to USB Type C connectors is in full swing in 2016. Laptops and smartphones alike are picking up the standard for its large set of features and promised ubiquity as we head into the future, and it's easy to understand the reasoning.

But, like so many new standards, at the moment USB-C still has a few drawbacks worth noting, and smartphones are probably the market where they're most apparent. First, there are practical concerns: how many USB-C cables do you currently have? If you don't have a USB-C smartphone or laptop, my guess is "zero." If you do, you still probably have far fewer USB-C cables than you do Type A to microUSB ones, and the same for wall chargers.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk's Dual USB 3.0 And MicroUSB OTG Flash Drives Are At Their Lowest Prices On Amazon

If your modern phone or tablet doesn't have a MicroSD card slot like many Android flagships and mid-tier devices released in the last couple of years, you have a few limited options to transfer data between it and other devices or computers. There's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and finally there's USB OTG. That should be the fastest and if you have a flash drive with both a USB and a MicroUSB connector, you're set. If you don't, you can pick one of the best ones for cheap on Amazon today.

SanDisk's Ultra USB 3.0 flash drives with a MicroUSB connector are on sale now.

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[Deal Alert] $9 For A 5 Pack Of MicroUSB Cables With Reversible Type A Ends

USB Type-C charging is an awesome addition to many of the new Android devices launching this year. Faster charging speeds, reversible plug, a more sturdy connection – what's not to like? Well, USB Type-C is cool and all, but the reality is that most of the gadgets you and I own still use a MicroUSB plug, and that isn't going to change for quite some time.

One of the biggest perks of MicroUSB charging is that they are pretty affordable if you buy them from the right place. Today, using a coupon code, you can grab a five pack of super spiffy iXCC MicroUSB cables for $9 on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Buy A Set Of 6 Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 MicroUSB Cables From Amazon For $6.50 After $4.50 Off Coupon

Cables, the technological innovation that just won't die no matter how bad some folks want them to. There are wireless ways to charge smartphones these days, as well as options for transferring data without pulling out a cord. But frankly I still reach for a microUSB cable to do both of these things, and the number of people who do hardly stops with me.

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[Deal Alert] Another Good Deal On A Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger - Anker Charger Only $7.99 After Coupon Code

We have another good deal to share with you all today, this time on a Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger. The charger is an Anker branded unit on Amazon and the price is only $7.99 after entering the coupon code QPPAQPP5 at checkout. That's half off the normal retail price of $15.99 and every bit as good of a bargain as the last charger deal we posted.

Screenshot 2015-08-29 at 2.40.16 PM

The one unique feature the Anker model boasts is that the LED charger indicator changes colors depending on the output. When the light is blue it indicates 5V output and when it's green it indicates 9/12V output.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has A 64GB MicroSD Card For Just $26.49, And A Bunch Of Other Memory On Sale Today Only

You can never have too many SD cards. By the time you have one in all of your devices, the next thing you know, you have another device. After that, an old one gets filled up. What's a person to do? Simple, wait for deals.

Today Amazon has a big heaping helping of memory cards on sale for as low as $7.99 (16GB). For people with more demanding storage needs, the 64GB MicroSD card is marked down to $26.49. That sure beats paying anywhere from double to quadruple that price elsewhere.

Screenshot 2014-11-11 at 1.30.02 PM

Much of the available selection doesn't apply to phones, such as full-size SD cards and USB drives.

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[Deal Alert] 64GB Patriot Stellar USB 3.0 OTG MicroUSB/USB Going For Only $28.99 On Amazon (64% Off)

So you decided to save yourself a few bucks and opted for the 16GB version of the latest phone, or even worse, are still stuck with an 8GB Nexus 4*, and now you're really feeling the pinch. The phone's lacking a microSD card slot, and that cloud storage isn't helping all that much on a limited data connection. What's a guy or gal to do? Pick up one of these dandy flash drives with dual microUSB/USB support. A 64GB Patriot Stellar option is currently up on Amazon for just $28.99, over 50% off its usual price. This is a great deal, even cheaper than the Corsair Flash Voyager drive that's also on sale today.

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