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Samsung Galaxy S20 models are up to $300 off at Microsoft right now

The S20 series costs far too much, regardless of how good they are. That probably sounds rich coming from someone who bought an unlocked S20 Ultra the day of the announcement, but it's true. These prices have undoubtedly had some impact on sales, too, with the S20 severely underperforming. It's a shame, because other than a slightly disappointing camera, they are, in my view, the best phones on the market right now. If the price is the only thing putting you off, though, now is an excellent time to grab one from Microsoft, as they have all three models available for up to $300 off.

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Xbox Family Settings app for managing your kids' gaming lands on Play Store

Microsoft has just rolled our a preview version of a new Xbox Family Settings app. available now on the Play Store. The new app promises the ability to remotely manage some of your family group settings for compatible Xbox consoles (and, seemingly, in Windows). That means you can add family members to your account, view weekly or daily activity reports, and impose limits like screen time restrictions and content/game ratings all from your phone.

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SwiftKey picks up Emoji 12.0 support, more conspicuous Microsoft branding

Microsoft acquired SwiftKey about four years ago, and apart from some additions like optional Microsoft accounts, Bing, and the company's translate feature, it didn't change too much about the popular third-party keyboard. Earlier this year, though, Microsoft's name got more prominent in the app's settings, and now, the Redmond giant has decided it's about time to make it even more obvious whose keyboard you're using. Following a beta test run, the latest stable version of SwiftKey is now called "Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard" and comes with a refreshed logo. On the feature front, it only offers new emoji for Android 10 users.

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Chrome spotted working with Windows Hello for payment autofill authentication

If your browse the internet with Google Chrome on a Windows PC, you may be able to take advantage of a new security integration with Windows Hello for autofilling your credit card information.

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New Microsoft Surface Duo specs leak, raising eyebrows about missing features

How does Microsoft build an Android device? The Surface Duo would be its first and as we're rapidly tumbling toward an expedited summer release schedule, we now have a better idea of what to look forward to on the spec sheet for this dual-screen folding phablet.

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Microsoft releases companion app for its new Surface headphones and earbuds

Microsoft is well-known for making the Windows operating system, but it's increasingly interested in physical hardware products as well. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the release dates for its new Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds. Now the Surface Audio companion app has shown up in the Google Play Store, allowing owners to customize their listening experience.

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Bing Wallpapers app launches with daily updates to your background (APK Download)

While the search engine wars haven't been particularly kind to Bing, fans of the service often praise it for updating the home page with beautiful and interesting background photos each day. It has been so popular that it has sparked a small following, and there are several wallpaper apps dedicated to pulling the images from Bing's homepage to use as wallpapers on our phones. Microsoft has even delivered the same functionality a couple times in the past with its Bing search app and a now-defunct lockscreen app; but if you don't want all of the extra weight that comes with those, Bing now has a new app dedicated to just doing wallpapers.

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Microsoft's Surface Headphones 2 and Earbuds will be available May 12

Microsoft has been slowly expanding its first-party hardware lineup over the past few years, and today the company announced several new products. The Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 were the main attractions, but for those of you not interested in Windows laptops, there are audio products on the way as well.

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Microsoft To Do gets new features as Wunderlist goes offline

Today is finally the day Wunderlist dies, years after the Microsoft acquisition. Former users are encouraged to switch to Microsoft To Do, Wunderlist's spiritual successor as a Redmond product. To make the jump smoother on the last possible day, the company has added some more features known from Wunderlist, like overviews of your tasks for today, tomorrow, or the week ahead as well as new All and Completed smart lists.

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Forza Street first look: A generic racer by any other name (Update: Out now)

Samsung held its annual Unpacked event yesterday, revealing a plethora of products, such as the new S20 line of phones. In an effort to make these phones look appealing to gamers, Samsung also announced that Microsoft's racer Forza Street will come to the Galaxy Store this spring as a free-to-play release. Of course, the game is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, and seeing that I'm an extremely impatient person, I've sideloaded the APK (V29.0.9) to take the title for a spin to see exactly what it has to offer.

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