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SanDisk A2 256GB and 512GB microSD cards fall to all-time lows on Amazon Goldbox, today only

If you've been looking to pick up a few microSD cards, today is the day of the week to do it: Amazon has opened up its Gold Box and is featuring sales on a few SanDisk microSD cards and a lot of savings to pass around, whether you need 200GB or 512GB.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung EVO Select microSD cards discounted up to $20 on Amazon

Smartphones come with more internal storage these days, but sometimes that just isn't enough. For those devices with the necessary slot, a microSD card can allow you to carry a massive media library around in your pocket. You can get some of the fastest cards out there today for a nice discount. Samsung's EVO Select cards are all on sale. The smaller ones are just a few bucks off, but you save more on the larger ones.

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[Deal Alert] Today's Amazon Goldbox includes deals on SanDisk microSD cards, Type-C flash drives, and more

Having more storage is never a bad thing, but that doesn't mean you should buy it on a whim. It's smarter to wait for a big sale, like we have today on Amazon Goldbox. A variety of SanDisk cards and flash drives are on sale for up to 71% off.

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[Deal Alert] PNY MicroSD Cards And Other Flash Memory Up To 70% Off For Today's Amazon Deal Of The Day

I'm a fan of microSD card slots. I know, I know, there's absolutely no reason to have this debate right now. You either prefer to have expandable memory or you don't particularly care.

If you're on #TeamGiveMeMoreCheapStoragePlease, then now may be a good time to head over to Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Transcend 64GB And 128GB MicroSD Cards On Sale For $13.99 And $42.99 On Amazon

Phones are increasingly shipping without microSD card expansion slots, but you can still stick it to the man by getting cheap expandable memory for plenty of devices. Today you can save a few bucks on Transcend microSD cards on Amazon. The 64GB and 128GB varieties are on sale for up to 72% off full retail.

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[Deal Alert] PNY Flash Memory On Sale Today At Amazon, 128GB MicroSD Card Only $40

Flash memory comes in many different forms. You have microSD cards. You have full size ones. Then there are flash drives. There's expensive, and then there's cheap. I like the latter. If you do too, now's a good time to hit up Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung EVO MicroSD Cards On Sale Via Amazon—128GB Only $58.99

While some devices continue to shun the microSD card (looking at you, Google), there are plenty of phones out there that still let you slap in a card to get more space. If you've got a G4, Moto X Pure, or other card slot-packing device, Amazon is offering Samsung EVO cards for a solid discount of 40-70% off retail.

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[Deal Alert] Lexar MicroSD Cards On Sale Via Amazon's Gold Box Deal Today

Amazon's Gold Box deal today includes a ton of flash memory from Crucial and Lexar. However, most of it is of little relevance to Android devices. I mean, unless there's a phone or tablet with a 2.5-inch SATA drive I'm not aware of. What you can get are these Lexar microSD cards. They're up to 66% off.

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[Deal Alert] Get A 128GB PNY microSDXC Card For Your Phone Or Action Camera For Less Than $50 At Amazon

In the tech world, we know that big things can come in small packages, but those packages usually have a big price. Well if you are looking for microSD cards with a ton of storage space, today is your lucky day because both Amazon and Newegg are is offering an over $30 discount on a PNY 128GB microSD card perfect your phones, tablets, action cameras, or wherever else you might need it.

Newegg created a splash by offering the discount and Amazon answered in kind by dropping their own price; now that Newegg has sold out, you can be thankful Amazon is still competing.

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Updated 128GB SanDisk MicroSD Card Is Available For Pre-Order And Priced To Move At $60

SanDisk is rolling out new Ultra series microSD cards, and the pricing is pretty fantastic. The sweet spot is a new $59.99 128GB option, but the smaller cards are selling for good prices right now too. If you've got a card slot and need a lot of storage, this is kind of a no-brainer.

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