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The best microSD cards for your new Galaxy S20

There was some concern that the Galaxy S20 series might drop the microSD card, just as it dropped the much-loved headphone jack, but thankfully those rumors didn't pan out. All three variations of the S20 — the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra — all come equipped with a slot for microSD cards. That means you can add up to 1TB of additional storage to any S20 device, giving you more space for apps, movies, photos, and other data.

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Integral Memory will release a 512GB microSD card in February

At last year's IFA in Berlin, SanDisk announced a microSD card with 400GB of storage. If that wasn't enough space for your needs, Integral Memory announced today that it has beat that record, with its new 512GB microSD card.

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PSA: No, The OnePlus One Does Not Have A Secret MicroSD Card Slot [Update: Response From OnePlus]

Sometimes when the internet really, really wants to believe something, no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince people. Such was the case with the OnePlus One and its phantom microSD card slot. The company said there is no SD card slot and the review units have no microSD card slot, so what's with the growing number of stories about a secret microSD card slot? Well, there was a mix up with the manual.


The FCC docs for the OnePlus One include the user manual, and there are a number of odd errors. Right there in black and white it says the device accommodates cards up to 64GB in size.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Deal Of The Day Offering Up To 50% Off Transcend Flash Memory Cards

When it comes to microSD cards, some Android users won't give theirs up unless they're pried from their cold, dead hands. Amazon hears you, so the company is offering up to 50% off Transcend flash memory cards as part of today's Gold Box Deal of the Day. This reduces 32GB cards down to just $16.99, with larger 64GB cards making the drop to $37.99. A small 16GB card, on the other hand, will only cost you $9.99. These prices are slightly cheaper than the last time this sale came around.


Regular SD cards are also on sale for the same prices, though they are only useful for a limited number of Android devices.

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[Deal Alert] Newegg Cyber Monday Sale Has The LG G Pad 8.3 And Other Goodies Available For Cheap

It's Cyber Monday, and Newegg is known for selling nice tech, so let's cut to the chase here. The site has a sale going on, and while the vast majority of it has nothing to do with Android, a few niceties have managed to slip through. For starters, we have the LG G Pad 8.3, which is currently on sale for $279.99, and if you apply the coupon code CYBERMND16, that price will go down an additional $30.


Next is a reason to prefer phones that can handle micro SD cards. Newegg has a 64GB option on sale for just $36.99.

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ASUS Is The First To Roll Out Android 4.2 To A Non-Nexus Device, Starting With The TF300T In The U.S.

It's been over four months since Google officially announced Android 4.2 and slightly less time since the initial round of new Nexus devices running it went up for order. Much like the gunshot that kicks off the 100-meter tortoise race, that launch signaled the silent contest to see which manufacturer could get out a non-Nexus update first. Today, we have our winner: ASUS, with a shiny new version of Jelly Bean for the Transformer Pad (TF300T).

The manufacturer has also promised that there will be updates to its App Locker, Virtual Keyboard, Lock Screen, and Setup Wizard applications. Initially, the update will only be available via OTA for U.S.

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Matias Duarte Answers Questions About Jelly Bean UI And The Lack Of Micro SD Cards

Ever since Gingerbread and the Nexus S, the Android world has been in a constant and dramatic state of UI flux and we've all faced some hard questions as we adjust to new interface design. "What's the best way to layout software buttons?" "Can we live without micro SD cards?" "Where is all this new hair coming from?" Matias Duarte took to Google+ to answer two out of these three questions you have about your growing pains.

On the subject of the decision to change the UI on the Nexus 10 to be more in line with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 layouts:

Consistency and usability are really important to us, and that’s something we strive to improve in every new version of Android.

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ARCHOS' 97 Carbon Tablet Is Now On Sale, Costs $249, Redefines Cheap Tablets (As 'Expensive')

I hate to be the Negative Nancy or the Debbie Downer here. Mostly because I hate those disgustingly cute terms for "pessimistic". However, the ARCHOS 97 Carbon tablet arrives at a particularly rough time. Today, ARCHOS' newest tablet is available via the company's web store. ARCHOS has a history of being the leader in inexpensive tablets. Unfortunately, with the advent of the Nexus 7, the competition just got a lot stiffer.

carbon1 carbon2 carbon3

Take a look at the spec list for the 97 Carbon:


  • 1GHz single-core ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 21.8 ounces
  • 0.45" thick
  • 9.7" IPS display
  • 16GB of internal flash memory
  • microSD card slot
  • Google app access, including the Play Store
  • Android 4.0

Yes, you read that right.

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