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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 pairs huge screen with even huger battery, starting at $250 in China

It’s getting harder and harder to justify the utility of tablets, especially 7 to 8-inchers, when rising mobile industry stars like Xiaomi keep releasing bigger and bigger phones. The Chinese company’s latest sports an almost ridiculous 6.9-inch screen, and to prove how far it’s come in the war against bezels, the gargantuan Mi Max 3 is illustrated alongside an old 4.7-incher. Next time you complain there’s still a "chin" on your new device, take a look at that side-by-side picture, and marvel.

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CyanogenMod 14.1 nightlies come to the Galaxy S III, Moto X 2014, some Oppo phones, and more

It's no secret why CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM out there; not only does it support a metric crapload of Android devices, but it also keeps them going far past their primes. The latest devices to get support for CM14.1 (Android 7.1 Nougat) nightlies include two variants of the Galaxy S III, the second-generation Moto X, a few Oppo devices, two versions of the HTC One Max, two Xiaomi phones, and more.

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This Is How Long Smartphone Batteries Should Last

Over nine hours. That's how long the display was turned on while using the Xiaomi Mi Max I'm currently testing before the battery was nearly dead. The phone itself was off the charger for over 33 hours total.

That time saw mixed 3G mobile data usage and Wi-Fi, high and low brightness, Bluetooth on, all Google apps syncing, with no battery or power saving profiles active. I browsed the web, used social networks, took a few photos, watched Netflix and YouTube, and listened to music. Nothing out of the ordinary: this is just how the phone works.

The Xiaomi Mi Max has a 4850mAh non-removable battery and a 6.4" 1080p LCD display, which should make it clear just how such battery life is achievable.

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First Impressions Of The Xiaomi Mi Max - This Is A Big-Ass Phone

I can't recall ever using a smartphone larger than the Xiaomi Mi Max. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is the closest I've ever come, and the Mi Max is over a tenth of an inch larger on the display diagonal than even that phone. While it's not the largest smartphone ever, the Xiaomi Mi Max is certainly in the upper echelons of size in the taxonomic order smartphonus, dwarfing 5" devices we once called "large" just four or five years ago.

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Xiaomi Announces MIUI 8 And The Gigantic Mi Max

With every phone it releases, it feels like Xiaomi gets a little more mainstream in the West. Today, it's announcing two new products: MIUI 8, a major new version of the company's Android-based OS; and the Mi Max, which has a crazy-big 6.44-inch screen.


For a while now, MIUI (pronounced Me UI, although I always want to pronounce it like an acronym) has been the premier Chinese Android-based OS. While I haven't had a chance to try it out recently as I have no phone that runs it, it looks like the OS is much more mature than previously, which is good.

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