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[Update: 22 more nations] Student pricing for YouTube Premium is available in 28 new countries

Until today, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium plans offered special pricing for students, though only in the USA. But now, the reduced cost option is available in eight new countries.

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The Play Store gives users a new cash payment option

A few days ago, we reported that the Play Store is beginning to offer a new payment option for users. Starting in Mexico, users can top up their balance at a convenience store, so they don't need to have a credit card, carrier billing, or any other payment method linked to their account. At I/O, Google officially introduced the feature and explained how it works.

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Top up your Google Play balance with cash at convenience stores, starting in Mexico

For users around the world, there are different ways to pay for purchases on Google Play. The most widely supported method is a credit card, but that's far from a ubiquitous possession in many countries. That's why Google Play offers carrier billing, Paypal integration, gift cards, and various other ways to simplify paying for apps, games, and other digital goods. But the easiest way of all is cash, and this is how you could soon start topping up your Play balance.

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Google One will expand to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico in the coming weeks, more regions later

Google One's launch has been fraught with delays and pseudo-announcements. The unifying storage service was introduced in May, but only select users got invited to try it out, then Google re-announced it again a few weeks ago, saying it was available to everyone in the US. But we all know that just meant it was starting to be available to all. Now comes the news that One is finally stepping outside the borders of the USA and going south to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, then sailing across the Pacific to Australia.

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Instagram starts testing a Lite version of its app in Mexico [APK Download]

With mobile data getting faster and smartphones having larger storage, you'd be forgiven if you thought the need for slimmer and more efficient apps is dwindling. Quite the contrary, many developers are building bigger apps with overflowing features, which are not optimized enough for the lower-end devices and slower networks that are still found all around the world. To provide an alternative and avoid alienating this large user base, these developers are making "lite" versions of their apps — we've already seen this happen with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Uber, LinkedIn, Skype, Shazam, and all of Google's Go apps. Instagram is now joining the fold with its own Lite app.

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Google Home and Home Mini launch in Mexico (Updated)

We knew it was bound to happen when Google Home added support for Mexican Spanish, but now the Home and Home Mini speakers have officially launched in Mexico and are available for purchase.

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¡Vale! Google Home can now speak three dialects of Spanish (Spain, Mexico, United States)

¡Hola! If you speak Spanish and prefer to talk to your virtual assistants in that language, then I have good news for you. Google Home's settings have been updated now so you can choose Español as your default language for your smart speakers.

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Google Station spreads its public Wi-Fi love to Mexico

It's really easy to take internet connectivity for granted: between increasingly capable cellular networks, and high-speed private Wi-Fi access points in our homes and workplaces, staying connected 24/7 is more effortless than it's ever been. At least, that may be the case for some of us, but wireless infrastructure varies wildly around the globe, and there are millions of fellow users out there who would no doubt love to see their local internet access seriously overhauled. Today Google's doing what it can to help, as it announces the availability of free public Wi-Fi in over sixty popular areas across Mexico as part of an expansion of Google Station.

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Samsung Pay officially launches in Mexico

Samsung Pay launched in South Korea back in 2015, then expanded into the US, China, and more for a total of 19 official markets before today. Now, Samsung adds number 20: Mexico. You may be thinking, "didn't that already happen?" Well, apparently the appearance of the landing page last November was not the full launch.

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Verizon's Go Unlimited plan will soon include service to Mexico and Canada

Back in August, Verizon split its unlimited data plan into three separate plans - Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Business Unlimited. All three plans have limitations on video streaming, tethering, and international usage. But starting on January 25, Go Unlimited will include limited service to Mexico and Canada.

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