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Google Home bases are now available to order

For you Google Home owners that have been waiting so patiently to change up the look of your fancy new speaker, this is for you. Google has made six new, shiny bases available on its store. Half of them are fabric and the other half are metal. These are designed to make your Home fit in better with your home... décor.

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The LG G5's Metal Frame May Actually Be Coated In Plastic [Update]

LG has said repeatedly that the LG G5 has a metal alloy body with cleverly hidden antennas. The company didn't really go into detail about how that was achieved, except to say the process is called micro-dizing. It seems that micro-dizing may have something to do with plastic because a teardown video from YouTuber JerryRigEverything reveals what appears to be a plastic coating on top of the metal frame.

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Some Nexus 6P Owners Are Reporting Spontaneously Broken Rear Glass Panels

The early reaction to the Nexus 6P from both critics and owners has been mostly positive, but a few new owners seem to be encountering serious problems. Specifically, the glass panel on the rear of the phone, which covers the camera, LED flash, and laser autofocus module, is reportedly cracking and breaking on its own. A user on the Android subreddit reported the rear panel cracking, and at least two others have corroborated with similar stories, with the panel splitting into multiple cracks with no particular rough handling or impact.

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Reservations For The Ultra-Secure Turing Phone Are Now Open, Starting At $610 - No Billing Just Yet

If you've heard about the Turing phone, you're probably either extremely interested or extremely indifferent. (Is it possible to be indifferent to an extreme degree? Anyway.) The somewhat bombastic company has been showing off a device with a unique design and lofty claims of being "unhackable." It's more than vaporware, though - working prototypes have been shown at trade events, and now Turing is taking phone reservations via its website.

That's a very carefully chosen word, "reservations" - not pre-orders. This is because the Turing isn't actually asking for any money upfront. No, entering your contact information after selecting colors (black and purple, "Beowulf," red and blue, "Pharoh," or white and red, "Cardinal") and storage capacity (16GB for $610, 64GB for $740, or 128GB for $870) is more or less a statement of interest than any commitment to buy the phone on your part.

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Qualcomm Figures Out How To Wirelessly Charge Phones With Metal Cases

The Galaxy S6 has wireless charging. The HTC One M9 does not. There's a pretty good reason for this: metal interferes with the current methods for wireless charging, so you can't have your fancy metal phone and charge it (wirelessly) too. Engineers at Qualcomm have a solution to that, at least according to the company's latest press release. It's a newly-announced functionality of the existing Rezence wireless power standard, which is different from Qi and PMA.

According to Qualcomm, the Rezence/WiPower standard operates at a frequency that's more forgiving of extra material in between the contact and the receiver, including everything from metal to empty space.

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Oppo Unveils The Violin-Inspired 5" R7 And 6" R7 Plus With Dual SIMs, Snapdragon 615, 3GB RAM, 13MP Camera, And Android 5.1 In A Color OS Flavor

The midrange smartphone market is getting more interesting by the day, both on its cheaper lower end or in the more expensive price bracket. The latter is the case of the newly unveiled Oppo R7 and R7 Plus, which tread that thin line between upper midrange and almost-flagship status, offering a list of impressive specifications in a very decent-looking package.

Oppo takes about 8 sections in its product pages to explain why the R7 and R7 Plus are such exquisite devices, comparing their curves... whatcha talkin' 'bout Oppo? These are the flattest flattened phones that lie flatly flatting on any flat surface.

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy Tab A For The US, Disappointing Specs In A Metal Chassis Starting At $230 May 1st

With the Galaxy Tab A, Samsung is giving its budget tablet line-up a touch of class. This is no dinky Tab 4. This 4:3 slate has a metal chassis! And now it's coming to the US. On May 1st, Americans will be able to buy the device from the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and HH Gregg.

Screenshot 2015-04-20 at 3.09.45 PM

Unfortunately, the specs remain pretty underwhelming. Sure, we can make do with a 1.2GHz Cortex-A53 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. The 5MP camera may not be all that great, but whatever, it's a tablet. But a 1024 by 768 screen resolution...

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Samsung Brings Its A-Series To The Big Screen Crowd With The 5.5-Inch Galaxy A7

If you're a fan of the direction Samsung has taken with the design of the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, you'll be happy to see the same notes show up in even more hardware. The new Galaxy A7 is a bigger brother to the previously-announced Galaxy A5 and A3, complete with its thin, minimal design and metal bezel and frame. The phone's 5.5-inch screen is the biggest in the series, and it's also in the same ballpark (at least in terms of size) as flagships from both Samsung and its competitors.

SM-A700FSS_009_Set1_Black SM-A700FSS_002_Back_Black SM-A700FSS_007_Dynamic1_Black

For the A series it's all about cramming decent specs into a tiny body, and screen size aside, the A7 certainly qualifies.

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The Sony SmartWatch 3 Will Be Available In A Swanky Stainless Steel Option In February

While Sony's initial Android Wear offering, the SmartWatch 3, is perfectly fine from a technical point of view, one of the words we heard from commenters over and over again was "ugly." Even Ryan Whitwam could only call it "acceptable" in his review. Sony's hoping to fix the lackluster looks of the SmartWatch 3 with a new version clad in a stainless steel body and watch strap. And boy, it's amazing what a little metal can do.

01 SmartWatch3 stainless steel side

White the guts of the steel SmartWatch 3 remain identical to its silicone-clad predecessor, the new steel housing is undeniably slick. It makes the watch look like, well, a watch, and a particularly stylish one at that, accentuating instead of hiding the square screen.

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Motorola Releases New Moto 360 Designs With Metal Bands For $299.99, New Health Apps And Watch Faces Coming Soon

Last week Amazon briefly showed off a few new options for the Moto 360, including the metal bands that the company has been teasing ever since the original announcement. Those disappeared from Amazon almost instantly, but now Motorola seems ready to sell at least some of them. After a quick announcement on the company blog, some of the new options are being sold now.


At the $249.99, you can still get the stainless steel or black watches with 22mm bands in "stone" or black, respectively. The new metal options cost $299 for 23mm black or stainless bands matched to the watch, and they're both shipping now.

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