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Dispatch unruly neighbors with pixelated ultra-violence in Party Hard Go

Video games can often be a source of escapist fantasy... and not always fantasy of the "save the princess" variety. Party Hard, released last year on SHIELD and on SHIELD this summer, falls squarely into the second category. This visceral stealth game is about a Jason Voorhees-style serial killer methodically murdering his partying neighbors. Now there's a mobile version for phones and tablets too, going for $7 with no in-app purchases. Needless to say, it's not for kids.

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Stylish Stealth Platformer CounterSpy Mixes Metroid And Metal Gear Solid In A Cold War Caricature

A shadowy figure stalks through a top secret missile facility while weapons-grade lounge music plays in the background. Nationalist propaganda lines the halls and the livery of gun-toting soldiers, ignored by our clandestine hero. He glides in, achieves his objective, and slips out, never intending any unnecessary harm... but not afraid to bust out the hardware or hand-to-hand skills if necessary. It sounds like the opening to a Connery-era Bond flick, but it also describes CounterSpy, a new PlayStation Vita port from developer Dynamighty and published by PlayStation Mobile.

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In CounterSpy, you play a member of a nationless organization dedicating to keeping the Cold War status quo and preventing either side from gaining the upper hand.

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[SNAAAAAKE] Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Companion App Is A Real Version Of The Game's PDA

Between Titanfall, Dark Souls II, and a new Metal Gear game, employers across the globe can probably plot a decline in efficiency around recent high-profile video game releases. But only one of them has the obligatory mobile tie-in app, and that's Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (a.k.a. MGSV: Appetizer). Konami's companion app is now available in the Play Store as a free download.

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The companion app basically pretends to be Big Boss's personal PDA, labeled as "iDROID" in a tongue-in-cheek and somewhat anachronistic fashion. The most useful mode is a bird's eye view of the game's map, letting you plan out your tactical approaches in a more complete way without resorting to the pause menu.

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