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These are the apps the Android Police staff can't live without

We've covered the best new Android apps and games for years, but we've only occasionally talked about our personal favorites. It's high time we did a roundup of the Android Police staff's top applications, don't you think?

For this roundup, some of the fine writers at Android Police have selected their favorite Android apps. We've excluded applications and services that are incredibly popular, like Gmail or Spotify, in favor of software that might be new to some people.

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Android Police is now on the Mastodon social network


Android Police finally has a dark theme

You've been asking us for a dark theme for a long time, and now it's finally here. Android Police now has a dark mode, complete with an automatic mode and support for our AMP site!

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Android Police now has a newsletter—subscribe here

Newsletters are once again all the rage, and we've finally decided Android Police should have one. We'll be starting with a weekly email every Friday morning rounding up the biggest, best, and most interesting stories on AP. Our first newsletter went out this morning (you can read it here), and we're curious to hear your feedback. While we've settled on the current format for now (news, analysis, a deal or two, and our big stories), we're happy to take suggestions as to what you'd like to see in the newsletter, or what could make it a more compelling and interesting read for you.

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Android Police's Toolbox for Google Play Store extension is now available for Microsoft Edge


Come write for Android Police — we've got jobs!

Android Police has grown a lot in the nine-plus years I've been here, and this year will mark a decade the site itself has been around. It's hard to believe where we are now compared to then, having since launched APK Mirror, completely redesigned the site, and introduced a number of new faces on the team. People I hired years ago - like Corbin, Ryne, Scott, and Richard - are still "the new guys" in my mind, even though they're all people I've come to trust intrinsically to do the work we rely on here every day. And that work isn't shrinking - it's growing, a lot.

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Android Police now supports Google AMP, and you'll love it even if you hate AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or 'AMP' for short, is a project Google has been working on for a few years that makes it easier for sites to create faster mobile experiences. You've probably seen most of your favorite sites add support for AMP over the past year or two, and now you can count Android Police (your favorite site, obviously) among them!

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Disqus is rolling out collapsed replies, and we hate it as much as you do

As you may have noticed, Android Police and a lot of other sites around the internet use Disqus as a comment platform. It's easier for everyone to have a system that works across sites, but we're also at the mercy of Disqus. You're about to notice a change in the comments, and we don't like it any more than you do.

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Android Police a Twitch affiliate, Amazon Prime subscribers can support us for free

We launched a Twitch channel last year as the new home of the Android Police Podcast. Since then, we've also launched a second weekly show, where we answer questions and discuss topics with live viewers. The Twitch channel is an affiliate, meaning you can support our live content with Twitch subscriptions - at no cost to yourself, if you have Amazon Prime.

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Forget the yule log: Watch our Nexus 5X bootloop all day for some holiday cheer

The holiday season is in full swing, and this year, we have something special for you. Forget the yule log fireplace videos, the marathons of 1983's A Christmas Story on TV, and the holiday music radio stations on Spotify. Today, we have the perfect festive livestream for you to keep running in the background — a Nexus 5X repeatedly bootlooping.

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