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[Update: BBM Enterprise open to all] BlackBerry Messenger shuts down for consumers on May 31

The end of an era approaches — the consumer-facing version of the once esteemed BlackBerry Messenger will be shutting down on May 31, 2019. This announcement came from a short blog post from Emtek (who handles BBM), with the title "Time to Say Goodbye." Somber news, indeed.

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[Not Allo] Google starts advertising Duo on the homepage

Google rarely advertises anything on the homepage. Most of the time the ads consist of single-line text banners about a new Nexus device or donating to disaster relief. They were the subject of much criticism in 2012 when they used an animated advertisement (for the Nexus 7) on the homepage for the first time.

Google is once again using its influence as the homepage for millions of users - this time to promote Duo. If you visit the Google homepage at the time of writing, you can see a text banner that reads, "Face-to-face with just a tap. Try Duo, simple video calling for Android and iOS."

Google appears to be making a large marketing push for Duo, just recently they published a series of advertisements on their YouTube channel.

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WhatsApp Gets Updated In The Play Store With Custom Chat Notifications And Mute, Mark As Unread/Read, New Emojis And Skin Tone Colors, More

WhatsApp has been going through multiple iterations in its "beta" channel, which gets distributed on the service's website, while its official Play Store version was stuck for several months on the same number. That changed in the past few days as WhatsApp has finally updated its Play Store listing to 2.12.250 with all of the goodies that we've been anxiously tracking over the past months. This means that all of your friends and relatives who never manually grabbed apks are now on the same page as you when it comes to WhatsApp's features.

First up, there are new emojis. This includes skin tone variations of many pre-existing emojis, which are accessible through a pop-up.

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