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Facebook Messenger Kids lets children add their own friends — with parental oversight

Facebook is currently rolling out a new passphrase feature to its Messenger Kids app, allowing children to send and accept friend requests on their own. Before anyone freaks out, it's important to note that both sets of parents still need to approve the connection.

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Facebook Messenger Kids getting new features focused on being nice, coming to Canada and Peru

Facebook's Messenger Kids came to Android early this year. The app is meant to provide a safer experience for children 13 and younger, having parents more involved in their online communications than they would otherwise be. If you were ever a child, though, you may remember that kids can be pretty mean. Evidently aware of this, Facebook has announced that Messenger Kids will be getting a number of features that encourage nice behavior.

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Facebook's Messenger Kids gets a sleep mode

Facebook recently released Messenger Kids, an app designed for privacy-conscientious parents who want a safe way to let their kids chat with friends online. Messenger Kids provides a way of doing so, offering an adult full control over a child's contact list and who they can talk to, all without having to create a full-fledged Facebook account. An update to the app finally addresses a concern that parents have had until now: being able to manage when their kids can access the service.

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