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Google Wifi's app update also shows meshed and wired status for each access point

The title says it all. The Google Wifi was updated a couple of days ago with a "Scheduled Pauses" option to stop your internet at predefined moments during the day and night. But the app update also included one more change that nerds like our own Artem were requesting and dying to have: a status option for each access point to see how it is connecting to the network.

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Luma 2-pack is $179 ($71 off) on The Home Depot for today only

We've been seeing more and more competition among mesh Wi-Fi networking kits over the past few months, with even Google dipping its toe into the segment with Google Wifi back in October of last year. One big advantage Google Wifi has over some of its competitors that have been on the market for a while longer is price: whereas a three-pack from eero would set you back $499 and $399 from Luma, one from Google costs only $299.

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Linksys jumps on the mesh WiFi network train, introduces Velop system with mobile app and Alexa control

Mesh WiFi networks are the new trend of the past couple of years. Eero, Luma, Google Wifi, and several others have introduced their own systems of routers that aim to simplify home networking as much as possible by consolidating access points under a single network SSID and letting your WiFi reach more areas of your house without too much headache.

Now Linksys, the company behind some of the most popular routers in the world, is presenting its take on the matter. Velop, which I'm going to assume comes from "envelop" as in enveloping your house with WiFi, is a system of routers in which each node is a Tri-Band 2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO router that can also work as range extender or bridge.

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