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D-Link announces a slew of mesh and Wi-Fi 6 routers at CES 2020

CES 2020 gave the networking device market a solid head start for the rest of the year. We not only saw a more capable Wi-Fi standard come into being but also mainstream brands jumping in with a pile of new routers and mesh systems. Besides an expanded security camera lineup, D-Link’s CES announcement includes a long list of routers and range extenders that integrate the EasyMesh and Wi-Fi 6 standard.

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TP-Link refreshes its Deco mesh routers with Wi-Fi 6, priced starting $190

Wi-Fi 6 has been around for months, if not years, but we’re yet to see a wave of mass-market routers and mesh systems supporting the latest standard — even Google’s Nest Wifi eschewed it. That is set to change in 2020 as mainstream networking brands like TP-Link are already taking the lead. The company yesterday refreshed its Deco line of mesh routers with three new systems that bring the wireless protocol to more price segments.

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Grab a refurb Orbi RBK50, Netgear's excellent Mesh system, for only $180 on Woot ($120 off)

If you've been looking for a whole home Mesh Wi-Fi router, drop everything you're doing and listen to me. I'll tell you about a discount on the Netgear Orbi RBK50 on Woot, and I wouldn't be this excited if I hadn't recently purchased the same system and wasn't utterly happy about my decision. Do we have an, erm, deal?

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[Deal Alert] eero Pro 2nd generation down 10-12% in various packs (3-pack for $439.99)

WiFi routers are seeing a complete renaissance the last couple of years thanks to mesh networks, and eero was one of the first to spearhead this movement. This June, eero released the 2nd generation of its routers and these are the ones being discounted now.

The 3-router pack is the most discounted, dropping from $499 to $439.99. The router + 2 beacons pack is down from $399 to $356. And finally the router + 1 beacon pack is down from $299 to $267.99. The discounts may not be huge, but for a super recent product that has never dipped in price, this 10-12% off is a good deal especially if you were already considering getting a mesh system.

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