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TP-Link announces Deco M4 mesh router system with IFTTT and Alexa support

You can still get a single router if that's your speed, but most manufacturers have started pushing mesh systems. TP-Link has a few, and you can add another one to the list today. The budget-oriented Deco M4 comes with three AC1200 hubs and support for smart home automation for $179.99.

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TP-Link announces Deco M9 Plus mesh router with built-in smart home hub

Single routers are so 2014. Now, everyone is making mesh router systems that blanket your home in the warm glow of wireless connectivity. The new TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh router (not to be confused with the old non-Plus version) connects your computers, smartphones, and other devices to the internet like other routers, but there's more. The Deco M9 Plus also contains a smart home hub for controlling IoT devices.

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