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Save up to 15% on select SanDisk MicroSDXC UHS-I memory cards on Amazon, today only

Expandable storage has consistently pushed into more affordable territory over the last decade, and with the occasional discount popping up here and there, it's easy to save on some pretty potent memory. Today only, you can grab a new SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I microSD card in 200GB, 400GB, and 512GB options for up to 15% off at Amazon.

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Snatch this SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSD card for just $29, its lowest price ever

Even though our phones' internal storage capacity is increasing, so are file sizes. This is why we may sometimes need a little extra space, and MicroSD cards are a convenient way of achieving this. In case you're looking for one, SanDisk's 256GB A1-rated Ultra card is down to $29 on Amazon, instead of its usual $39.

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Grab a SanDisk 512GB A1 microSD card for less than $90

If your phone has the appropriate slot, MicroSD cards are a convenient way to expand your device's internal memory or transfer files to another handset. They might seem expensive, but you can snatch a Sandisk 512GB card for less than $90 thanks to this deal.

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Samsung introduces new PRO Endurance Micro SD memory cards, up to 128GB for $90

Memory cards may not be the sexiest tech products around, but with many of our phones and cameras still relying on them for additional storage space they're still important. Prices for high-capacity MicroSD cards have fallen substantially in recent years, but it's not just the how much you can fit on them that's important — endurance is also a consideration.

Designed specifically for intensive monitoring uses, such as surveillance, body, or dash cameras, the Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC lineup offers up to an industry-leading 43,800 hours of continuous video recording. They have read speeds of up to 100MB/s plus FHD/4K support via write speeds of up to 30MB/s.

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[Deal Alert] Sandisk Ultra MicroSD cards on sale today only at Amazon - 200GB for $58.99 and 128GB for $32.99

Need more storage, a lot more storage, for your phone or tablet? Then step right up and take a look at this deal. Amazon has some extra-large capacity SanDisk MicroSD cards on sale today as part of their Gold Box promotion at prices that should make you take notice.

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[Deal Alert] Highly Rated Silicon Power MicroSD Cards Are On Sale Super Cheap At Amazon: $33 For 128GB, $15 For 64GB

Silicon Power is not a brand you've probably ever heard of (I for sure hadn't before today). Their name kinda sounds like it would belong to a labor union representing the robot uprising. Well, it turns out they don't provide legal counsel to the likes of Wall-E and R2D2, these guys make MicroSD cards.

They must do an alright job, because they have a 4.5 star rating with over 1,200 reviews. Their whole lineup of class 10 UHS-1 memory cards is currently on sale, and the prices are pretty doggone compelling.

Those are some low prices, about a third less than what you can expect to pay for name brand cards from the likes of SanDisk or Samsung, which are also rated at 4.5 stars.

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[Deal Alert] Lexar's 128GB High-Performance MicroSDXC Card On Sale For $59.99, Its Lowest Price Ever

Lexar currently has their top tier 128GB MicroSD card on sale for just $59.99 on Amazon. We've seen cheaper deals on 128GB MicroSD cards here at Android Police, but we have never seen a MicroSD card as speedy as this one sell for such a low price.

That speed is what sets this Lexar card apart. Using the included USB 3.0 reader, these cards can transfer files at a blistering 95MB/s, which is twice the transfer speed of the 128GB cards on sale last month. The card is also very highly reviewed, sporting a 4.6 star rating with 1,600 reviews.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon's Slashing The Prices Of Sony Memory Cards In Today's Gold Box

For many users, memory cards are a very important part of mobile life. They provide extra storage when it's most crucial, allowing users to carry around thousands of songs, hundreds of TV shows, or dozens of movies to watch in their downtime. Depending on the model of phone in which they reside, they could also mean the difference between having enough space for Grand Theft Auto instead of Angry Birds.


If you're in the market for newer, faster, or just larger microSD (or even standard SD) card, then today's Amazon Gold Box deal is one you won't want to pass up.

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