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Big Google Photos update rolling out with fresh three-tab design, mapping feature, and new icon (APK Download)

Google Photos is easily one of Google's most magical and indispensable services, and now it's getting a tasteful redesign. The app is getting a simpler three-tab interface, and the map view previously spotted in testing is now official. The new changes cover not just the app, but the familiar pinwheel icon, too, which is getting a simpler (and seemingly polarizing) look. The changes, which were officially announced last week on June 25, are now rolling out to users via a server-side switch. Every device and account we have, in multiple countries, already has the new interface.

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Google Photos gets nostalgic with AI-curated Memories, lets you show off favorites with canvas prints

Google Photos isn't just resting on its laurels today by making 4x6" prints available within the same day at your local pharmacy or big box store — the cloud storage service is amping up its own boutique print offerings and using artificial intelligence to help you stroll through the tons of memories you've backed up.

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Facebook announces Memories, brings all of your moments together in one place

Facebook is going to consolidate all of your moments into a single, convenient place that it calls Memories, both on desktop and mobile. This means that you can go back and reflect on all of the memories and such that you've shared with family and friends over the years.

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Snapchat adds Memories: an easier way for you to find your best snaps and stories

Snapchat is where I personally drew the line on "I'm too old for this shit" and decided not to bother, but I still get the appeal of the ephemeral shares and I applaud the company for capturing such a dedicated userbase in a relatively short amount of time, despite the large competition in the social network space. But let's put my own thoughts about Snapchat aside and talk about the latest update to the app.

Rolling to Android and iOS is a new Memories feature that lets you easily access a history of your previous snaps and stories. It's accessible from a swipe up on the camera screen and can be searched with keywords to narrow down the results to the item you're looking for.

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