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OnePlus, Black Shark, Realme, and Meizu join file-sharing Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance

OnePlus, Black Shark, Realme, and Meizu have announced joining the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance, a group started by Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo that's pushing a single unified file transfer solution (which Android currently lacks) in the vein of Apple's AirDrop for the Chinese smartphone market.

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Meizu 16s announced: No notch, Snapdragon 855, and a lot of megapixels

Chinese phone maker Meizu made headlines earlier this year with the Meizu Zero, an attention snatching, yet ultimately failed portless concept device. Now, the company is back with a more conventional flagship, the Meizu 16s. It comes with a dual-camera setup, no notch, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and Android 9.

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In epic fail, Meizu's $1300 portless phone gets just 29 pre-orders on Indiegogo

A little over a month ago, Meizu announced that its portless "concept" phone, the Zero, would be available to actually buy via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. At a price of $1300, it was certainly expensive, but not obscenely so - after all, mass produced devices from Samsung and Apple now easily exceed such a price. And for that $1300, you'd get a low-volume production handset that arguably was the first of its kind - just the sort of thing you'd think would get the attention of enough smartphone enthusiasts to justify what was pretty clearly a marketing campaign first, R&D effort second.

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$1299 will get you Meizu's no-port, no-hole, no-button phone on Indiegogo

When Meizu announced its concept Zero smartphone last week, the idea seemed outlandish, even if a logical continuation of the minimalism trend we've been seeing the last couple of years. At the time, Meizu swore the device existed and although we doubted that, it does look like the Zero will soon make its way into production as Meizu has opened up an Indiegogo campaign for it.

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Meizu announces a phone with no ports or buttons because we deserve this

When they took the headphone jack away, we all griped about it and kept buying phones. Now, Meizu has offered up a vision of the dystopian future we've brought upon ourselves. The Meizu Zero is a smartphone with no ports or buttons whatsoever. If you need to reset the phone, you better hope you've got a SIM ejector handy. Oh, you can't use that to eject a SIM card, though, because this phone doesn't have a SIM slot.

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170 shames OEMs that needlessly kill useful background processes to save battery life

The days when third-party battery-saving apps were necessary to hit a satisfactory number of hours off a single charge are long behind the vast majority of Android users, thanks to improvements like Doze and Adaptive Battery. But in some cases, this measure of progress has become something of a Pyrrhic victory, with useful background processes carelessly destroyed and developers taking the brunt of user ire. Well, the Urbandroid team — the gang behind apps Sleep As Android, Twilight, and others — doesn't plan on going quietly into the night. In fact, they're going on the offensive with a new informational website where the most flagrant OEM offenders are shamed and users and developers are educated.

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Muzei v2.6 adds support for Android P devices with display notches

Muzei ensures your Android phone always feels fresh with a new and beautiful wallpaper every day. Its most recent update adds support for the latest crop of devices with display notches, and improves performance.

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Meizu working on Android Go phone, coming later this year

The first phones running Android Go, a lightweight version of Android designed for budget devices, were announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel, and others were the first OEMs to jump on board. Now it appears Meizu might be next, according to the company's head of marketing.

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Meizu makes the Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus official, dual cameras and secondary AMOLED screen in tow

Meizu has finally put all the leaks and rumors of its latest flagship phone to rest. The Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus are officially official, though details are still rolling in. From all appearances, most of the information we've heard in the last few months was pretty accurate. Both phones come with dual cameras, a secondary display on the back, and Flyme OS 6 (Meizu's fork of Android).

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Meizu prepares to unveil the Pro 7, sets the launch event for July 26

Meizu, a large Chinese electronics manufacturer, has announced the date for the launch event for the upcoming Pro 7 phone — July 26 is the day that we'll see if the rumors surrounding the upcoming phone(s) are true. From the looks of the image above, sent to us courtesy of Meizu, some might indeed be valid.

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