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OrangePixel releases Meganoid 2017, offering more classic platforming action and frustration

Most modern games are easy... or they're artificially hard and crawling with in-app purchases. The Meganoid series is neither. It's hard as nails and no amount of money will make it easier. There's a new Meganoid title out today, ready to crush your spirit and make you yearn for a $0.99 in-app purchase that will get you past that last boss.

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[New Game] OrangePixel Releases Meganoid 2 For Android

If you're not familiar with the 8-bit adventures developed by OrangePixel (see some of our past coverage here, and here), you should probably check them out. Their latest and greatest, Meganoid 2 - the sequel to their most popular title, Meganoid - just hit the Play Store.

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Meganoid is inspired by the ultra-difficult (and ultra-fun) platformers on the 1980's and 90's. And yes, it's supposed to look like that. Meganoid 2 will certainly provide hours of fun and frustration, and is a great pick-up game for killing time. It comes in both free (ad-supported) and paid versions, but given that the paid version is just a buck, it's not like OrangePixel's asking a lot.

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[New Game] OrangePixel's "INC" Is An 8-Bit Platform/Shooter for $2.75

Orange Pixel, creators of the well-received "Meganoid", just released a platform/shooter called "INC".

There are 40 levels of robot blasting action, and 8-bit styling and sound effects. It's sort of like Mega Man. The description claims "hard-but-fair gameplay," so there's retro difficulty to go along with those retro graphics. Xperia Play owners will be glad to hear that all their fancy buttons are supported (like you couldn't tell from the giant video thumbnail).

8-bit shooters don't really need a story, but just for good measure: "[In] The year 2135, the world is ruled by Corporations, humans are slowly being replaced by robots and machines, and the most powerful humans are now looking for ways to transfer their souls into robots, for eternal life." TL;DR: "Shoot things.

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