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Meet the new guy: Hagop Kavafian

Hello there, friends! I'm Hagop, one of the newest additions to the Android Police team. As we say, I'm part of the "night crew" because I'm based in France and I work hard on delivering news when America is asleep. Of course, I also focus on bringing content to our readers across the world, who get to read my posts fresh out the oven. What I love here is the diverse background our writers and editors have, how we work together, but also how awesome our readers are! In the few weeks I've been writing for AP, you taught me so much, and interacting with you has been a genuine pleasure, so thank you for that.

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Meet the new guy: Stephen Schenck

What's crackalackin', fellow mobile-tech aficionados? I'm Stephen, your resident News Editor and latest addition to the Android Police crew. I'm here to keep that sweet, sweet, Android info flowing, and make sure you stay at the head of the curve with the freshest news about your favorite mobile platform.

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Meet the new guy: Paul Fidalgo

Hi folks, this is Paul, one of the newer writers here at Android Police. I have to begin my meet-the-new-guy post by acknowledging just how cool it is that I'm writing for this site, one that I have long admired as just about the smartest and most comprehensive site of its kind. Admittedly, I haven't been able to give as much time to the site as I had hoped when they first brought me on, but I'm having so much fun contributing what I'm able, and I intend to keep at it as long as they'll have me.

I started writing for Android Police in the middle of last December, and perhaps no one was more surprised to find my byline here than me.

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Meet the new guy: Jason Hahn

Season’s greetings. I’ve been hanging around for the past two months, so it seems time for a proper introduction: My name is Jason, obviously. I currently work in a corporate communications role during the week and enjoy the privilege of writing for this site Saturday and Sunday mornings. Some of my earliest memories of technology involve an IBM PS/2 and a Robie Junior. What brings me here is my fondness for the world of Android, which began when I soft-bricked my Nexus 5 in January 2014.

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Meet the new guy: James Sanders

Hey, I'm James Sanders. I started writing for Android Police in late October, though I've been writing about technology since 2013. I'm also (apparently) the first writer at Android Police who lives in Japan.

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Meet the new guy: Ryne Hager

My background is a bit different than the other authors on Android Police, so this introductory post is going to have to be a bit different, too. To begin with, I'm not a real nerd like some of my AP compatriots.

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Meet the new guy: Jordan Palmer

When I was approached about writing an introductory post about myself, I really had no idea where to start. The point here is to get to know me a bit better, so I guess I will start with the basics.

I am currently a senior at the University of Colorado on track to earn my Bachelor's in Business Administration. Despite my major, I am obviously a huge geek. It began with the movie Tron, a film that ignited my imagination for the world of computers. Though, my primary focus at the time was on riding a lightcycle. The concept of the Grid led me to explore programming.

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Meet the new guy: Richard Gao

I won that Bingle Bear Android figure from AP almost a year before I started working here.

Hey, I'm Richard. You may have noticed that I've started writing a few Android Police articles during the past three weeks or so. I'm nowhere near as talented as fellow newbie Corbin is with software development, but I do share his love for Android and his habit of overspending on tech.

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Meet the new guy: Corbin Davenport

The boxes of all my Android devices (minus the watches).

When I started writing for Android Police earlier this month, some of you recognized me from when I installed Windows 95 (among other things) on my watch. But outside of me shoving emulators on my watches, I've worked on some cool projects and spent way too much on electronics.

I started trying to learn development when I was around 12, armed with a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and my iMac G5. A year later, I started developing extensions for Google Chrome, which I still work on to this day. I still regularly update my first extension, Wikipedia Search.

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