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Mobile broadcasting app Meerkat is officially dead

Meerkat might be the app that started the live-streaming on phones trend. Released early last year, it quickly rose in popularity - even to the point of dominating that year's SXSW conference. But alas, Meerkat was not long for this world, and has officially been taken offline.

Life on Air, the company behind Meerkat, announced the shutdown on Twitter two days ago. The official reason for Meerkat's demise is for the company to focus on Houseparty, a group chatting application. Co-founder of Life on Air, Ben Rubin, spoke to TechCrunch about the shutdown:

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Meerkat Sheds Its Beta Tag, Releases Version 1.0 To The Play Store After Ironing Out A Lot Of Bugs

Well Periscope, looks like you got beaten to the punch with this one. Your direct competitor, Meerkat, has announced its closed beta, released it, and now made the app stable enough for a 1.0 release, all without the backing of a huge company like Twitter and while you're still twiddling your thumbs saying that your Android app can wait. How 'bout that?

And it's not like Meerkat has rushed its beta or been lazy with its development. As we've been keeping track of these updates on APK Mirror, we know that the app's first release has gone through a series of iterations over the last couple of weeks, ironing out several bugs with each new update.

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Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Exits Its Invite-Only Burrow, Sticks Its Head Out Onto Google Play As A Public Beta

Meerkat integrates with your Twitter account to let you stream live video to the world (or at least anyone who clicks on your feed). If you've been waiting to play around with the service, or this idea just sounds invigorating to you, Meerkat is now exiting its invite-only beta and opening itself up to everyone on Google Play.

I hopped into the app long enough to watch a truck driver talk about his route and what he's hauling, see some guy chat really quickly in front of a computer, and start my own brief stream of a Chromebook sitting atop a desk.

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Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Now Available On Android As An Invite-Only Beta

Have you been eagerly waiting to try the Meerkat live video streaming service, which launched as an iOS exclusive? Well you're probably going to have to wait a little longer. Meerkat is now available on Android, but only as a beta. And not a "come on in, the water's fine" Play Store beta, it's an invite-only beta being run from a Google Docs page. Invitations don't seem to be going out widely yet. We don't even have screenshots to show you. See, look down there. No screenshots anywhere.



If you're wondering what Meerkat is, it's basically a fusion of Twitter-based video apps like Vine with live-streaming mobile video.

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