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Google opens up '.new' domain shortcuts to other companies: Spotify, Medium, Bitly already on board

Google's been introducing a pile of ".new" domain shortcuts to its services in the last year, but first-party services like Calendar and Google Docs were just the tip of the iceberg. Google has opened registration for those .new domain shortcuts to third parties, and piles of services, including Spotify, Medium, Stripe, and Bitly, are already on board.

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Medium 2.0 Gets A New Logo And A FAB, Adds An Explore Section And Highlights, And Looks Great On Any Marshmallow Device

I have been trying to write about Medium's 2.0 update for a few hours, but I got lost using the app, enjoying it, and I even decided to sign up and write one of my first non-Android stories in years. That's how you know the app is not just good, it's great. I have always thought about joining Medium, but I never felt compelled to. I guess this update was the final push I needed, and I decided to pull the trigger and dive deep in the service.

But let's get back to Medium's update. You may recall that the app was released mere months ago, but it has seen a steady stream of improvements since then.

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Medium 1.3 Adds Full Mobile Editing Support With Seamless Switching Between Android And Web


Medium Is Adding Support For Account Sign-in Without A Password (Yes, Really)

Everyone is trying to come up with a better, more secure way to do passwords, but not Medium. Nope, Medium is just getting rid of them. You can now create and sign into a Medium account using only your email. This works on the web and iOS right now, and will be added to the Android app soon.


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The Official Medium App Is Out Of Beta And Live In The Play Store For All

Medium is your one-stop shop for blog posts about... things. Sometimes those are things you want to read about, and sometimes not, but it's a popular site for a wide variety of content. The Android app has been in beta for a few weeks, but today it's ready for public consumption.

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Francis Cortez Explores Material Design Thinking In Conceptual NBA App

As with Holo before it, Material Design has triggered a deluge of app concepts, mockups, and fancy animations from various enthusiasts and designers in the community (myself included). A key factor that is often left out of these presentations, however, is a detailed and thoughtful explanation of design choices and UI considerations that went into the finished product.

As a designer, explanations of your design thinking are critical when presenting new designs, not just to those that would actually be building the app (they need to know the details), but to a broader audience of end users and even other designers.

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