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[Deal Alert] Huawei's new T3/M3 Lite Android tablets are already $15-30 off on Amazon and Newegg

Not even a month ago, Huawei released four new MediaPad tablets. They were the MediaPad T3 and MediaPad M3, with 10 and 8-inch models of each. They aren't speed demons by any means, but they're good enough for what most people use tablets for - web browsing and media streaming. And now you can buy them for even less.

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Huawei releases four new MediaPad tablets, with 8 and 10-inch screens

Huawei has maintained a small lineup of Android tablets for a while now, but they have ranged from decent to only usable as a hammer. Today the company took the wraps off four new tablets, with both 8-inch and 10-inch models available. They don't really stand out at all, but they don't seem awful.

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