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Kodi 17 'Krypton' now available, with a new default skin and many under-the-hood changes [APK Download]

Kodi, perhaps better known by its former name XBMC, is one of the most popular media centers around. It's open source, cross-platform, and is endlessly extendable - what's not to love? Now Kodi 17, codenamed 'Krypton,' is live on the Play Store with thousands of new features and bug fixes.

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[Deal Alert] Logitech's Harmony Ultimate Remote With Harmony App Support Is $200 On Amazon ($150 Off)

Looking for something to control absolutely everything in your entertainment center, plus your RF-enabled refrigerator? Then unfortunately you're going to have to cough up some dough. But if you hurry and head over to Amazon, you can do it for considerably less: the retailer is selling the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote for $199.99. That's pretty insane for a remote, even one with customizable controls and a touchscreen, but it's actually $150 off of the retail price.

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Kodi 15 Is Out In The Play Store With 4K Support On Android, New Chapter Selector Window, Adaptive Seeking, And More

Kodi, also known as the app formerly known as XBMC, has made it to version 15. This evolution comes a little over half a year since the last major release. We're graced with a number of new features, a big one being 4K support on Android devices with capable hardware and a version of Lollipop. Refreshrate switching and HEVC playback are also available on such gadgets.

The changes don't stop there, and since we're talking about a media player, the additions get increasingly specific. For instance, take the new chapter selector window that lets you select chapters in video formats that support them.

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Amazon Screws Up, Removes Kodi Media Center From The Appstore For 'Facilitating Piracy'

OK, Amazon, I can sympathize with your plight. As both the legal operator of a massive software distribution service and a TV, movie, and music vendor beholden to various rights holders, you might be tempted to remove anything from your app store that even whiffs of piracy or copyright infringement. Hell, I could help you spot some examples if you want. But that really doesn't excuse booting legitimate, useful apps off of your store without a second thought, as appears to be the case with Kodi Media Center.

AFTV reports that Amazon removed Kodi, a highly technical open-source media manager (formerly called XBMC), from the Amazon Appstore last week.

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Kodi Media Center For Android Is Now Available On The Play Store, No Beta Request Necessary

Kodi, formerly XBMC, has been available on Android in its revamped form since early April. But if you wanted to get your hands on it, you had to join either the alpha or beta groups on Google+, then register on the Play Store as a tester. Not so today: it looks like the developers have opened up the beta Play Store listing for one and all, and you can download it directly to your phone, tablet, or Android TV set-top box.

image (2)

This build is based on the version 15 beta 2 code, the same "Isengard" open source release available on Windows, OS X, and iOS.

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Samsung HomeSync Is Finally Shipping In The US, Free Companion Android App Now Available In The Play Store

Over seven months ago, Samsung quietly debuted the HomeSync, an Android-powered set top box that combines Google TV features with a home media server. The device was scheduled for an April release, but this date came and went without further information, leaving us wondering if the device would ever become widely available in the US. Well, it's here. You can now purchase the HomeSync from Amazon, Best Buy, or Samsung directly for $299.99.


Since this isn't your typical set top box, there's quite a bit of hardware tucked away inside. You're getting a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of memory, 8GB of flash store, and 1TB of hard disk space.

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Samsung Adds $50 Media Hub Credit For HomeSync Purchases... Too Bad You Still Can't Purchase One

We've been keeping an eye on the Samsung registration page for a while now - it's got some nice perks for owners of select tablets. Yesterday a new device was added to the short list, the Samsung HomeSync. If you'll stretch memory a bit, you'll recall that the HomeSync is a combination home server and set-top box revealed back at MWC in February. You can register a new purchase on the page to get $50 of credit for the Media Hub, Samsung's alternative to the Play Store.


Of course that rather assumes that you have a Samsung HomeSync, which appears to be impossible at the moment.

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BubbleUPnP And ClockworkMod Developers Show Upcoming Chromecast Features: Stream Any Local Or Cloud File To Your TV

The Chromecast is a nice and easy way to send videos to a local TV, and you can't argue with the price. But right now it's limited to just a few apps streaming directly from existing video and music services. Bubblesoft, makers of the BubbleUPnP media server, are showing off features of an upcoming version that would make Chromecast a lot more useful: streaming nearly any file on your smartphone or cloud drive.

The development build of the BubbleUPnP local streaming app becomes a media source for the Chromecast, allowing it to connect to the phone (via a local WiFi network) instead of a web-hosted service like Netflix.

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Plex Media Center Gets Completely Rewritten From The Ground Up And It's Gorgeous

Can we be honest with ourselves? Plex kinda sucks. Hard to blame it, most third-party media centers on Android do at the moment. As a lengthy blog post by the developer points out, part of that has been due to Android's inflexibility and lack of a coherent UI in its history. That's changed over the last couple years and now Plex has been rebuilt from the ground up to be a lot more beautiful and a lot more functional.

The new version has followed the Android Design Guidelines very closely and it shows. While most of us here at Android Police are of the opinion that Holo alone does not make a good UI, the addition is most welcome, given the way the old version looks.

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Streaming Legend XBMC Bringing Full-Featured App To Android

If you've never heard of the Xbox Media Center (XBMC), you can turn in one of your geek cards right now. The open-source streaming media platform is legendary among tinkerers and DIY types, with its long list of features and insane customizations being its major draws. After nearly ten years of active development, the creators are preparing a full Android version complete with video/audio streaming and all the other goodies. Not to be confused with the current remote app (or any of the third-party alternatives) the upcoming XBMC for Android will have almost the full set of functions found in its desktop and stand-alone counterparts.

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