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You can now apply for a job through Alexa or Google Assistant, as long as it's at McDonald's

Voice assistants generally make our lives easier. With the right setup, we don't have to get up from the couch to turn on the light or the TV. It's even possible to order food without actually having to call a place. Another absolute killer feature is joining these skills' ranks: You can now apply for a job at McDonald's through Google's and Amazon's assistants thanks to the restaurant's own "Apply Thru" skill.

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[Rumor: Fries With That] Internal Notice At McDonald's Claims Android Pay Is Launching August 26th, So Maybe It Is

Android Pay was announced at Google I/O around 3 months ago, and Google has since said we can expect the platform to launch here in the US sometime "later this year." It appears "later" could now be "like, next week," if this notice to employees at a McDonald's location is to be believed.


The August 21st launch for Samsung Pay is wrong, but it's the launch date for the devices (Note and S6 Edge+) - which seems like an honest mistake.

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