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Android Auto is now available in additional Mazda models through a pricey dealer-installed upgrade

Manufacturer infotainment systems are, by and large, not good. More and more automakers are picking up the standardized solutions of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which is s step in the right direction. Mazda started shipping the interface in some new vehicles this year, and now dealerships will be able to install it in model year 2014 or newer Mazdas.

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[Update: Models] Android Auto is coming to Mazda cars with MZD Connect next month in Europe

Mazda said last year that Android Auto would be making its way to its vehicles — sometime. Now we now when: the automaker has announced that in August, an update is coming to its MZD Connect infotainment system that will allow for the use of Android Auto.

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Mazda is gearing up to add Android Auto (and CarPlay) to its vehicle lineup

Even though it seems like it's slowed down since launch, Android Auto has picked up another car manufacturer to add to its repertoire. The latest is Mazda, which announced that it will be bringing both Auto and CarPlay to its vehicle lineup. 

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Someone MacGyvered Android Auto Onto Newer Mazda Vehicles (Yes, This May Void Your Warranty)

Android Auto? On my Mazda? Before you get too excited by that title, let me drop a couple of ice cubes in that piping hot cup of excitement: this is exceptionally buggy. With that disclaimer out of the way, yep, some clever individuals have managed to reverse-engineer Android Auto's head unit bits to run on newer Mazda CMU (infotainment) systems, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can get in on the action.

The issue is that, well, it's kind of broken in lots of ways. And I mean virtually everything is subject to bugs, crashes, and various strange issues, like the fact that the CMU system permanently thinks it's midnight on January 1st, 1970 when in Android Auto and thus Auto is always in its night mode layout.

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