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Google Voice is the latest app to get a Material makeover [APK Download]

A ton of Google apps have already gotten Material redesigns, and Voice is the latest to join the party. Following yesterday's Gmail redesign, several readers have tipped us off on a new and improved UI in Voice. And yes, we have the APK for you guys to download.

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Google Classroom rings in the new year with fresh look and new tools

Most of us focus on the consumer or enterprise-facing products released by Google, but it actually has another big customer we often forget about: education. And to kick of 2019, Google is announcing a handful of new features for its Google Classroom product.

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Google's new Material theme rolls out to Calendar on the web

Something new is slowly but surely making its way into a web browser near you. Yes, the updated Material theme is coming to Google Calendar. This is not completely unexpected. Google has been updating its sites in recent months, and the Android app got a fresh coat of paint this fall.

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Google Photos site updated to match the app's refreshed Material UI

Google Photos' Android app was updated back in September to Google's hot new, mostly white aesthetic. At the time, the site still lagged behind with older iconography and layout, but no longer. Today Google has pushed that same Material Theme/Material Design 2 look onto the Google Photos site.

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Google Drive for Android is about to get a Material Design refresh

Google is continuing to slowly update all of its apps to a refreshed Material Design style (MD 2.0, to some) and the latest product to get this treatment is Google Drive on Android — the web version has already been updated. It's not actually live yet, but the code is there ready to go, so we can expect it to roll out to users soon.

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Google Search desktop UI showing refreshed Material Design with rounded corners and persistent search bar

I've been noticing it pretty much since I arrived in Germany for IFA 2018, and now we've had a few tips from readers to confirm it. Google's desktop search UI is being updated to more closely follow the latest evolution of the company's Material Design guidelines — this means rounded corners everywhere, more white than a snowstorm, and a persistent search bar.

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Android Messages for Web gets its own Material UI overhaul too

Android Messages has been teasing us lately with a new Material UI overhaul and a dark mode: it rolled out, was removed, then rolled back again with the latest update to the app. Now the web interface is following suit by donning its own sexy look with an even sexier updated dark theme to boot.   

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New Material UI and dark mode are back in latest Android Messages [APK Download]

If there's one thing we love when it comes to the subject of Android here, it's a good tease. Over the last couple of weeks, Google surreptitiously added and subsequently disabled an updated Material Design interface for Android Messages. In addition to the app's blinding new all-white aesthetic, it also included a new dark mode that should be a bit easier on the eyes at night. Though the updated design was seemingly disabled, it's now back in the latest version — and you can download it now.

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[Update: Back in v3.5.052] Android Messages v3.5 adds new Material UI with dark mode [APK Download]

Both Google Phone and Google Contacts had Material redesigns earlier this month. As such, people began speculating that Android Messages would also soon be revamped, and now it's happened. On top of the redesign, version 3.5 of Android Messages also brings a long-awaited dark mode.

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Google Phone v23 brings an updated Material UI to match Contacts' [APK Download]

Google Contacts got a UI revamp two days ago, and we'd been wondering when the Google Phone would get a matching refresh. The wondering ends now - Phone v23 beta has just been released, giving us a look at the latest and greatest phone interface from Google.

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