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Google Photos navigation drawer throws out Google+ cover photo

Google Photos started as part of Google+ until it became a full-fledged service of its own. The decision proved to be right for the service: while Google's social network departed this life earlier this month, Photos is alive and well, and remains one of the company's most beloved products on Android and iOS alike. However, your Google+ cover photos live on in some apps' sidebars, including Photos. This is changing now, though, as users are reporting the demise of their colorful profile picture backgrounds in the app.

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Google Search news results get a Material Design refresh

With Google, you have many ways of accessing the news. If you want to dive into a particular topic, your best bet is to use Google Search itself. Soon, you'll be able to do that in a fancier fashion in the search app and on the mobile web, as Google is working on a Material Design refresh for its news section. Our lucky tipsters got an early glance at it through the company's notorious A/B testing.

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Hangouts Chat desktop interface gets Material Design refresh

At Google I/O earlier this year, the company officially introduced refreshed Material Design guidelines along with new theming tools. This was consistent with new visual elements that had already been creeping into Google products like the new Gmail, with Chrome soon to be extensively reworked, too. Hangouts Chat is G Suite's answer to Slack, and it's now getting some new Material tweaks as well.

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