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Chrome is getting a Material makeover for its 10th birthday

Google has been testing major Chrome changes for several months. The updated Material theme has gone through various iterations, and the Android app redesign has been in the works for well over a year. Customizable New Tab Pages, an improved address bar, and other features have also been in development.

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Google Phone v23 brings an updated Material UI to match Contacts' [APK Download]

Google Contacts got a UI revamp two days ago, and we'd been wondering when the Google Phone would get a matching refresh. The wondering ends now - Phone v23 beta has just been released, giving us a look at the latest and greatest phone interface from Google.

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Google rolls out Contacts v3.0 with new Material interface [APK Download]

If there's anything Android users want, it's more white UI elements. Oh, is that not what you meant with your repeated calls for a dark mode? Google thought you were being sarcastic. As such, it has launched another redesigned app with an all-white Material interface. Get ready for Contacts 3.0 to sear your retinas.

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Check out this cool video teaser showcasing Google's modern use of Material Design

Material Design isn't some immutable standard. It's a flowing, breathing, evolving design. As our own former editor Liam (now a Googler) pointed out today, the current expressions we've seen of Google Material are just one potential way to implement the changing design philosophy. So if you're eager to check the possible futures for Google's Material designs, you should probably watch this video.

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Hangouts Chat desktop interface gets Material Design refresh

At Google I/O earlier this year, the company officially introduced refreshed Material Design guidelines along with new theming tools. This was consistent with new visual elements that had already been creeping into Google products like the new Gmail, with Chrome soon to be extensively reworked, too. Hangouts Chat is G Suite's answer to Slack, and it's now getting some new Material tweaks as well.

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[Update: Slight delay, ready now] You're not being phished—Google is rolling out a new sign-in page

Google has slowly but surely been updating its web features to use material design principles. Some of these updates have been more successful than others. The company is now undertaking a simple but potentially treacherous update: the sign-in page. G Suite users will start seeing the new page soon, and it'll probably reach everyone eventually.

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Google Pay web app redesign now rolling out

When Android Pay was renamed to Google Pay earlier this year, the Google Wallet site (which allows you to send and receive money, as well as manage payment methods) also became Google Pay. However, the desktop site didn't get the same redesign that the mobile apps did - until now.

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[Update: Status bar also tweaked] Android P DP4 refreshes entire UI's iconography by removing fill

We'd thought that the latest Android P developer preview wouldn't be seeing very many visual changes given that it's the fourth of its kind, but it looks like we were wrong. DP4 has brought a pretty extensive iconography refresh, removing the fill from icons across the entire interface.

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[Update: Now available] Google Home app will soon get a much-needed makeover

The Google Home app is a hot mess right now, to say the least. Its primary purpose is to set up new Chromecasts and Google Home speakers, but the company has also added content discovery and other functionality. The app has seen a few visual tweaks in the past, but now the UI is being overhauled to match Google's new Material Design theme.

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Google launches Material Gallery tool for design collaboration [APK Download]

One of the hot topics at Google I/O 2018 has been the evolution of Material Design. The website has been overhauled and lots of new guidelines have been added, with some of the changes being discussed in sessions at the conference. Material Theming is also being introduced to help developers implement the design language in their apps while retaining their own style. Another tool, Material Gallery, has just been launched to help designers organize their projects.

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