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IMDb Android App Gets Material Design Updates To Action Bar, Navigation Menu, Search, And More [APK Download]

What's playing right now? I don't know. Check IMDb. And while you're there, notice the new look. The Android app now comes off as a piece of software ready for the post-Lollipop era.

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Facebook Is Testing A Slightly More Material Look For Messenger, FAB Included

Facebook Messenger on Android doesn't look exactly Material, but it seems modern. Well, at least more modern than the regular Facebook application. And often times it feels like the developers working on these two apps are completely different teams because the Messenger one seems willing to experiment and try new things and go in weird and fun new directions, whereas the Facebook app team is just stuck in its ways.

One change that might be headed to Facebook Messenger is a cleaner look with a hint of Material Design inspiration. The most visible change is the switch from the full-width bottom blue bar to the blue floating action button (FAB) that lets you start new conversations.

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Google Play Music Gets Redesigned Search Bar To Match Other Google Apps, No Update Required


AccuWeather's Android App Updated To Version 4.0 With A Material Design Interface

AccuWeather is one of the most popular dedicated weather apps in the world - on the Play Store it's racked up somewhere between 50 and 100 million downloads, and that's just for the free version. The latest update actually started sometime around Christmas, and it's been going out in Google-style stages, so it's taken us this long to spot it. Version 4.0 significantly updates the user interface of the app to bring it more in line with Material Design standards... sort of.

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Runkeeper 6.0 Brings A New Interface, Colors, And Iconography

When Runkeeper was updated to version 6.0 on iOS back in August, Android users were asked to be patient and promised the same treatment sometime in the fall. Well, the app's developers kept their promise but it was a close call. Released yesterday, just at the end of the fall season, Runkeeper 6.0 brought the new interface, colors, and icons that iOS users have been enjoying, then was followed by a small bug fix update to version 6.0.1.

In version 6.0, Runkeeper gets rid of its bright blue color in favor of a more greenish blue / turquoise hue.

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SD Maid 4.0 Beta Moves The App's Interface From The Holo To The Material Design Era

If you're like me and you spend a great deal of your time installing and uninstalling apps on your phone, then you're probably aware of the mess that some apps leave on your internal storage even after they're long gone. SD Maid specializes in getting rid of these ghosts of apps' past by removing the relics from your storage so it's like they've never been there to begin with. And now the app can do its job while also donning a nice modern Material Design interface.

Version 4.0.0 beta was released a couple of days ago and has since received a small bug fix update to version 4.0.1.

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Behance Gets A Splash Of Material Design, Marshmallow Support, And A Job Board

Behance's website is a way for creative professionals (photographers, artists, designers) to showcase their work online in a neat and accessible portfolio that also brings them together with a community of similar folks. For an app that's focused on showcasing design, Behance was slacking, but not a lot. It looked good, but there were a few refinements and different approaches in Material Design that weren't yet implemented in it. Today, those little improvements have gone live in the latest version 3.0.

Don't expect the ground to shift below your feet when you open the app for the first time after the update.

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LinkedIn Finally Gets A Material Design Makeover In Its 4.0 Update

LinkedIn's main app rarely gets significantly updated. It has added a few new features here and there over the past years, but it has looked the same since time immemorial. Very Holo, very grey, very Ice Cream Sandwich. You can finally bid adieu to that old design though, since version 4.0 is ready to coat your smartphone's screen with fresh animations, a cleaner design, more white, better use of space, and some nicer transitions and animations.

LinkedIn's design reshuffled and reorganized the app too. Gone is the side drawer, replaced by a blue bar at the top with icons for each tab. Swipe left and right to switch between your feed, profile, messages, connections, and search.

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10 Beautiful, Cool, And Original Wallpaper Apps To Dress Up Your Android Device

Even though they're technically "backgrounds," wallpapers are an intricate part of our smartphone and a unique way for us to show our personality. They adorn our homescreens, greet us each time we unlock our phones, and try to stay hidden while still being enjoyable. Some of us like nothing but a black screen full of widgets and apps, others prefer a gradient or pattern to add a touch of color, and some like simple graphics while others use photographs. The least we could say is that wallpaper choice is a very personal one.

Searching for the perfect wallpaper can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to start.

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Wunderlist Revamps Its Entire Look And Gets Ready For Marshmallow Devices

Getting bought by Microsoft hasn't hindered the productive folks over at Wunderlist. They're now ready to roll out an update to their Android app with a revamped interface that finally looks good enough to deserve a Material Design adjective. Its previous update had claimed that, but it was actually the bastard child of some iOS and Android design elements. This one, on the contrary, does away with the clunky design, reduces a few shadows, flattens a couple of boxes, cleans some icons, and generally looks shiny, in a faded pastel kind of way.

The update isn't just superficial though. It adds a shortcut to create new tasks from the notification bar and a Quick-Add function to send tasks to their lists and assign dates to them (type "tomorrow at 9am" and Wunderlist will schedule your task for that time).

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