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Google Photos updated to v4.0 with refreshed Material UI [APK Download]

In my opinion, Google Photos is probably the best service the company has ever released. Like all of Google's first-party apps, it was just a matter of time until it got its own refreshed aesthetic to match Android 9 Pie. A so-called "Material Design 2" update to Google Photos has just landed together with a major version change to v4.0. So far almost all the differences are skin deep, but we've got a download if you'd like to take a look.

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Chrome is getting a Material makeover for its 10th birthday

Google has been testing major Chrome changes for several months. The updated Material theme has gone through various iterations, and the Android app redesign has been in the works for well over a year. Customizable New Tab Pages, an improved address bar, and other features have also been in development.

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Check out this cool video teaser showcasing Google's modern use of Material Design

Material Design isn't some immutable standard. It's a flowing, breathing, evolving design. As our own former editor Liam (now a Googler) pointed out today, the current expressions we've seen of Google Material are just one potential way to implement the changing design philosophy. So if you're eager to check the possible futures for Google's Material designs, you should probably watch this video.

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Google's beautiful new Material Design 2 UI for Chrome is coming, now in Canary builds

Back in April, Google began experimenting with a new, alternate version of its Material UI for the Chrome browser - but it was as an experimental flag, not a mainline feature. That appears to be changing. With the latest builds of Chrome on the Canary channel for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS, the Material 2 UI is now the default theme (on Mac you'll still need to enable it manually).

There are some changes from the version that was initially unveiled - tabs are now separated by small break lines instead of the more subtle rounded rectangle (only the currently open tab is shaped this way in the latest revision).

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Google aims to help devs customize Material Design with Material Theming

Google has released a set of tools that help developers more easily create apps in line with both their own brand identity and the evolving Material Design guidelines. The Material Theme Editor, available as a plugin for the macOS design app Sketch, automatically applies consistent thematic changes to things like buttons, fonts, and color palettes throughout an app.

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Google is testing an alternative Material redesign for Chrome

It looks like Chrome's iconic trapezoidal tabs might soon be going away. The tab's design, which has remained essentially the same since Chrome was first released almost 10 years ago, is undergoing a bit of a refresh, shifting from their old shape into more of a rounded-corner rectangle. The change is currently present (as an option) in the experimental Canary build of the browser.

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[Update: New UI in Chrome OS Canary] Google may give Chrome a Material Design 2 facelift for its 10th birthday in September

A reference to "Material Design 2" was noticed in a Chromium Gerrit commit back in February, which was made private soon after it was pointed out. That commit has since been reopened to the public and has changed references to a Material Design update to mentions of a touch-optimized UI for Chrome. There is, however, a hint that Google plans to roll out a Material Design 2 refresh for Chrome on the browser's 10th birthday in September.

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